waking up

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the act of waking

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By providing discreet, effective protection, this product allows children who experience bed-wetting the increased self-esteem and confidence that comes from waking up dry.
Start-ups are waking up to the fact that building brand awareness is not the same as building brand value.
Hollywood, the heart of age discrimination, is just waking up to the fact that grown-ups want movies to go to,'' says Nancy Griffin, new West Coast editor of AARP the Magazine, which recently featured Kevin Spacey, Cybil Shepherd and Anthony Hopkins on its cover.
We are gratified to see that the world is not only waking up to the InfoSec challenge but that IT industry groups around the globe appear to share a high level of concern and determination to take responsible action.
There was an intentional act here, which is different from waking up and saying I'm planning the deaths of the kids,'' Deputy District Attorney Tannaz Mokayef said outside of court Wednesday.