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When more than one Tx-node wake up and start sending their preambles at the same time, all the other nodes including Rx-node cannot determine address information in the preambles.
Saturday is the world's biggest sleep day -- nearly 90 per cent of countries sleep more and wake up later on Saturdays compared to any other day of the week.
Besides BDI and Wake Up, no other ethnic Albanian politician has yet voiced support for this idea.
Wake up in the morning and see the rain bouncing off the street and think, 'na, I'll give that run a miss this morning'.
Quine, 1991) that those children with mental disabilities wake up more often at night, and need considerably more time to fall asleep again.
A Low Frequency (LF) link, composed of an LF initiator in the car and an LF receiver in the remote device, is used to wake up the system with the lowest power budget.
No one tells us that a well attached baby will wake up often to breastfeed.
I went to wake up the others, but he got away with about pounds 4,000 of our Christmas presents - including iPods, digital cameras and jewellery.