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a room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait

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The waiting room features a new customer information screen so customers can access the most up-to-the-minute train running information.
There was a crowd of the folks in the waiting room, but he just exacted his revenge on his two targets and left them alone.
The first customers, who got to test the menu just days after Prince Charles alighted at Durham, have welcomed the station's latest facility which has breathed new life into a run-down office which was formerly a waiting room.
The first class waiting room on platform 1 shows items from the line to Manchester, including pew family name plaques from Meltham, tokens from a Linthwaite grocer's shop and a milk bottle from a dairy in the Colne Valley.
Waiting Room Subscription Service has been serving publishers in public place distribution since 1988, engaging readers in select public venues through innovative targeting and industry knowledge.
OUT OF TUNE Cash used to pay for waiting room music could fund vital ops
When she looked up she noticed that he was indecently exposed and was performing 'a rude act' in full view of everyone in the waiting room.
THE mother of two girls with a life-threatening food allergy has welcomed plans to create a hospital waiting room free of potentially lethal snacks.
The Waiting Room in Eaglescliffe is now serving food at The Cafe.
Currently, there is only one air-conditioned waiting room in Ruwi for taxi drivers and passengers.
The motive behind this stipulation is to ensure that the men's team can comfortably park themselves in the waiting room till the women's match ends.
AN old hen house with a gin distillery, farm shop and ladies' waiting room has been crowned Shed of the Year.
An inquisitive koala nicknamed "Blinky Bill" has sauntered into the emergency department of an Australian hospital, exploring the waiting room for several minutes before wandering back out.
The tiny creature, who appeared to be suffering from shock, scurried into The Veterinary Centre in Uddingston, Lanarkshire, and sat down in the waiting room.