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a roster of those waiting to obtain something

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Many children do get places from waiting lists after the first allocation of places, so there is a definite chance that this will help.
Prof Michael O'Keeffe, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Temple St Children's Hospital, said: "Some people die on waiting lists.
They claim long waiting lists are stopping families from going green and taking allotments on which to grow their own produce.
The Arab African International Bank's (IB) foundation, "We Owe it to Egypt", announced on Monday its success reducing waiting lists in the National Cancer Institute's Breast Cancer department.
all you do is just transfer a big bunch of patients to treatment waiting lists and the bottleneck is in treatment capacity.
The Globe story pointed out that the estimated 53,000 students listed on waiting lists is a number reached by adding up all the students on every charter school's wait list.
Local housing officials say they're excited once again to be opening up a waiting list to low-income families who want federal subsidies to help them pay the rent.
But the authority said it was one of the biggest allotment-providers in the country and said it was working hard to bring old allotments back in to use to reduce waiting lists.
WAITING lists for affordable housing have soared by two-thirds during the past five years in areas of England that are popular with second homeowners, new figures show.
In 2008, about two-thirds of states were able to provide assistance to eligible families without placing them on waiting lists or freezing intake.
And while not everyone stood in line, many put their names on waiting lists hoping to get the residences of their dreams.
As federal funding for domestic AIDS programs leveled off and the number of HIV/AIDS patients increased, stories of long waiting lists and the threat of death for some patients began making the news.
Waiting lists and cost-containment measures continue to be a fact of life at the state and territorial AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) that serve as the primary drug safety net for individuals with HIV/AIDS, according to the National ADAP Monitoring Project annual report.
During the nearly 50 years of Canada's national health care system, the province's have tried to cut costs and waiting lists by deterring users from the public system or shifting more of the costs to the consumers.
On June 8, the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD) announced that almost 2,000 people living with HIV are on ADAP waiting lists in 10 states.