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a roster of those waiting to obtain something

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uk spoke to councils across the UK to find out how long the waiting lists were for an allotment.
The waiting list at Galway University Hospital for "urgent" orthopaedic cases is 12 months - and that's just to see a consultant.
The Foundation also announced at the Monday press conference that patient waiting lists were also reduced in the Neurosurgery and Cardiac Catheterisation departments in the Abou El-Reesh Paediatrics Hospital.
But in every sense that matters, the precise number of students waiting for a charter school seat makes no difference, and it's worth noting that no one, least of all charter school advocates, has ever pretended that the waiting list number was a precise count of separate individuals.
The Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County will open its Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list briefly to accept online preapplications from low-income families who want to be included in a lottery to join the rental assistance list.
They found that North Tyneside, which has 1,781 plots, had a waiting list of 1,714 people and Blyth Valley, with 577 plots, had a waiting list of 1,691.
The survey showed, on average, for every 100 council-managed plots in England there are 49 people on waiting lists.
Waiting lists have also risen by more than 80% in north Cornwall and south Lakeland.
Although the leasing side of the business rarely, if ever, sees long lines, waiting lists are more common than ever, and the need for them sometimes comes as a surprise.
As federal funding for domestic AIDS programs leveled off and the number of HIV/AIDS patients increased, stories of long waiting lists and the threat of death for some patients began making the news.
Waiting lists and cost-containment measures continue to be a fact of life at the state and territorial AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) that serve as the primary drug safety net for individuals with HIV/AIDS, according to the National ADAP Monitoring Project annual report.
During the nearly 50 years of Canada's national health care system, the province's have tried to cut costs and waiting lists by deterring users from the public system or shifting more of the costs to the consumers.
On June 8, the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD) announced that almost 2,000 people living with HIV are on ADAP waiting lists in 10 states.
Seeking to stem the drain, growing numbers of college officials have begun pushing for tighter admissions standards that they say would help prevent unprepared applicants from ever entering a system that already has student waiting lists of as long as three years.