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a roster of those waiting to obtain something

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They claim long waiting lists are stopping families from going green and taking allotments on which to grow their own produce.
The Independent deputy said: "I had a call from one constituent on the 'urgent' waiting list at Galway but she has just been told it is 12 months long.
San Antonio's housing authority keeps its waiting list open.
Peter Nicholson, a consultant orthodontist at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and spokesman for the British Orthodontic Society, told the National Assembly's Health and Social Committee that, although further funding would be welcome, it would not necessarily provide all the answers to long waiting lists and could see patients just transferred from one list to another.
Patients waiting for a liver transplant are prioritized by their risk of waiting list mortality, which is determined by their MELD score.
Mrs Stevens said: "They said to me they used to have a waiting list but it became too difficult to manage.
When HACSA last opened the waiting list, in May 2009, about 10,000 people applied in one day, taxing the agency's computers and forcing officials to shut them down temporarily.
Northumberland Council said the statistics did not give an "accurate reflection" and its figures showed just 530 on the waiting list in Blyth Valley.
Liverpool FC is however reviewing the whole issue of the waiting list in light of the new stadium being prepared in Stanley Park.
With as many as 1,300 names on the waiting list, this process is expected to take between two and four weeks.
We kept in constant contact with the residents, as well as the applicants on our waiting list to keep them informed of the progress and updated on the time frame.
The 52-year-old AIDS patient, who has been HIV-positive for 16 years, was being taken off the waiting list for the Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program (KADAP), which would start to pay for two of the eight medications he needs.
But when the retired railway guard contacted Llandough Hospital, he was told he was not on the waiting list because having a scan indicated that his treatment had started.
Ralph Klein has his solution to waiting list problems in the health care system--allow and encourage doctors and health care facilities to function in both public and private sectors.
Many of these people go back on the waiting list for a new kidney.