waiting line

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a line of people or vehicles waiting for something

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Besides this, the doughnuts have appeared on several TV-shows and, in a PR spiral, the waiting lines of people outside the store in Shinjuku also keeps hitting the headlines.
The second criterion considers not only the processing time in the above subsection, but also a trailer's wait time in the trailer waiting line.
He finishes by grabbing his own layup, sending it to the coach, and going to the end of the waiting line.
Supercomputers often have a long waiting line or are too expensive to use for extended periods, said Taufer.
By midafternoon, the waiting line on the Eugene runway had dispersed.
In 2001, the duo, former sound engineers Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns, released their debut album Simple Things which received massive worldwide critical and commercial praise and saw mellow signature tracks, Destiny and In the Waiting Line appear in movie soundtracks and television advertisements across the globe.
But it was still odd to see a waiting line snaking onto the sidewalk from each establishment .
The closure created a long waiting line at the Gateway post office, where 2,350 post office box customers were diverted.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- Already a sensation on the west coast, breakout soul/jazz star Billy Miles' KRCW-sponsored January show at the hot Los Angeles area venue Temple Bar sold out with a waiting line around the block.
Zero 7 release In the Waiting Line, capitalising on their publicity from their debut album Simple Things' nomination for the MMP.
For the videos for the singles "Destiny" and "In The Waiting Line," Zero 7 worked with the innovative director Tommy Pallotta who uses rotoscoping and as well as the Quake video game engine to create one of a kind music videos.
With the weather so hot, we'll have a waiting line.
The Bank of South Carolina has eliminated the waiting line at teller windows in favor of "desk transactions.
reservations and "jump the line" privileges, allowing cardmembers to make advance reservations and bypass any waiting line to receive first available seating at Planet Hollywood restaurants and bars.
Speaking on state TV's morning talk show, Pamborides shocked the hosts when he admitted that doctors still receive under-the-table money to help patients receive treatment faster, a notorious practice stemming from the inefficient systems that created endless waiting lines for patients.