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the narrowing of the body between the ribs and hips

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But Dr Anna Hansell of Imperial College London said: "It's too soon to blame your waistline on traffic noise.
To maintain a healthy weight and waistline, it is critical to incorporate weight training with aerobic exercise.
As well as looking better in clothes, shrinking our waistline offers some serious benefits for our long-term health.
These simple swaps will help to wean you off the habitual "sugar fix" and help to control your weight and your waistline, and help to provide you and your family with a future free from obesity and the chronic diseases that can come with it.
but if someone close to you has a large waistline, discussing it with them now could help them avoid critical health risks later and could even save their life," Haslam added.
The GUMline to Waistline Challenge is an exciting eight-week initiative focusing on the correlation between oral health and diabetes management.
Dr Rachel Thompson, deputy head of science for the World Cancer Research Fund, said: "We need to raise awareness that both being overweight and having a large waistline are cancer risk factors.
Surprisingly, in women the link was strongest for individuals with a normal BMI who nonetheless had a large waistline.
In men, consuming sugar in tea was associated with a 1-inch smaller waistline, while artificial sweeteners were linked with a nearly 2-inch larger waistline.
I don't really know how to describe them, their waistline is by their knees, well that's where they seem to fasten their belts.
Dubai: A man was arrested at Dubai Airport for trying to smuggle four kilograms of cocaine hidden in the waistline of his pair of trousers.
A new study has found that eating an apple a day or drinking its juice is a sound way of maintaining a slimmer waistline and insuring oneself against high BP and cardiac disease, BBC radio reported.
From Belly Fat to Belly Flat: How Hormones Are Adding Inches to Your Waistline and Subtracting Years from Your Life" will explain exactly why this happens to so many people, and more importantly, how to remedy it.
The ``Ugly Betty'' star looked elegant and sexy in a turquoise chiffon slip gown with turquoise beaded high waistline from designer Pamella Roland.