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the narrowing of the body between the ribs and hips

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He recalled that during his stint as PNP chief, there were police officers who were able to trim their waistlines from
But switching to low GI wholegrain carbs such as wholemeal bread and pasta can help trim extra fat from the waistline, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
ALMOST half of women are putting themselves at risk of cancer due to their bulging waistlines, experts warned today.
Waistline fat, or adipose tissue, that accumulates around vital organs is believed to produce especially harmful changes in the body.
Men who drink more than two cups of tea daily have trimmer waistlines than men who drink coffee or no coffee or tea, according to a study presented at the First International Congress on Abdominal Obesity.
The X-ray check revealed that the suspect was hiding several items in his trouser's waistline.
No one expects cheesecake to be good for their waistline, hips, or arteries.
America's ever-expanding waistline can be linked to physical inactivity as well as an increase in caloric intake perpetrated by consumers, the food industry and government.
Premier Foods tried to lift the atmosphere in the aisle when it launched tower packs for Crosse & Blackwell character-licensed pasta in 2003 and again last year with the launch of hourglass cans for Waistline beans, pasta and soup.
Thoughtless and destructive, the burglar broke some dishes and took a box of chocolates, obviously ignoring his already ponderous waistline and 275-pound bulk.
If you're also dark around your neck, waistline, knuckles or elbows, see a doc.
Nestled under the implied plane of the grid like a city under a web of flight paths was the usual beguiling distribution of exactingly selected junk--a delta of red pushpins set upside down on their flat heads; a colony of small white gift boxes; a pair of jeans turned halfway inside out and balanced on their waistline, so that the upturned legs looked like twin cooling towers.
The larger a person's waistline, the more resistant they tend to become to the glucose-controlling hormone.
My stay was a feast for all the senses--and padded my waistline.