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Synonyms for waistcloth

a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers

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Sometimes this effect is achieved by showing him only in his waistcloth, naked from the waist up.
The initiate seated himself upon a rock and removed his own waistcloth (ma'u).
According to Freeman, in a recent unpublished conference paper,(88) and in personal correspondence, a class of low-caste priests of the teyyam cult, who are said in Malayalam to be veliccappatu or "illumined," must, before entering the shrines to which they are attached, take a ritual bath and receive a ritually purified waistcloth from a low-caste washerwoman.
And here is the interesting part: it does so by portraying a "crucified man with bloody waistcloths and not by portraying Claudia Schiffer in Chanel-panties" (Toscani 1995: 132).
Sometimes they dragged them about with their own waistcloths tied about their necks in force them to show where valuables had been buried; if they were found the men might be released, only to be killed by the next party' of English that came by.