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Only Zoe Kazan, playing a waiflike virgin and looking positively edible in her little white dress and Madonna-inspired gloves, manages to portray something that resembles a character.
Ico is a boy who has been left to rot in a castle where he meets Yorda, a waiflike girl who he helps to escape.
Food fight Football's version of Supersize v Superskinny takes place today as the waiflike players of Nuneaton clash with the sturdy oafs of Chippenham in the Zamaretto Premier play-off final.
1965-67); and there's the classic Edie image in which she appears waiflike, bemused, at once beautiful and glamorous, with a blur of studio-like activity in the background (Edie Sedgwick).
But his well-ordered life begins to unravel when he stumbles across the body of a Ukrainian night porter in a pool of blood in the hotel's musty cellar, and he is suddenly swept up into an obsessive affair with the only witness to the crime, Lena, a tiny, waiflike prostitute from Byelorussia.
With his devoted family and the waiflike Mays rooting for him, it's easy to be on his side.
More than half pointed to the waiflike stars as those whose methods and lifestyles they would follow.
And, like Penn, earning a deserved Oscar nomination, Morton is quite superb, elevating the Chaplinesque waiflike mute beyond cliche and sentimentality, her face and eyes registering the spectrum of emotion from glee and adoration to bitter pain like some cross between Clara Bow and Harpo Marx - her eloquent silences the melody to Penn's rumbustious rhythms.
Richard Patrick, wild, waiflike lead singer of the rock group Filter, is in a publicity pickle since spouting off in the September issue of the music magazine Ray Gun about a flirty past with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.
This vehicle for Fellini's wife, Giulietta Masina, cast as a pugnacious but waiflike streetwalker in Rome, used to be a sure crowd-pleaser at revival houses (back when revival houses existed) even when it was shown in 16 millimeter, and it has remained readily available on video; so the release of a clear, fresh 35-millimeter print, though welcome, might seem to be no more than a refinement for connoisseurs.
DAN SILVER GAME GADGET IPAD AIR Out now The new name and marketing might focus on this iPad's waiflike external redesign but the real talking point should be what's on the inside.
With her glass-cutting voice and waiflike appearance, Ritter turns the desperately needy and perpetually stoned Emma into an endearing oddity.
For a start, she was horrified by the effect Mode's obsession with waiflike models on its pages was having on Justin and his classmates, organising a change in policy.
The Used World Emporium, an antique and junk shop in Jonah, Indiana, contains "the castoffs of countless lives"--as well as three very much flesh-and-blood characters: the eccentric 65-year-old proprietor, Hazel; the introverted 40-something, 6'5" Claudia, coping with her self-centered sister and her mother's death; and the waiflike Rebekah, who escaped a fundamentalist Pentecostal childhood only to become pregnant.