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Her father's only heir, The Waif was only six-years-old when her father remarried after her mother's death and it was her stepmother who took care of her until she gave birth with her own child.
Suarez made Esmeralda into a more sensual, streetwise heroine; Ponomarenko suggested an outcast waif adrift in a malevolent world.
Nicole Richie did her waif thing perched in one corner, while Lindsay Lohan, Serena Williams and Rebecca De Mornay wandered the hallways and checked out the silent auction filled with memorabilia from Theron's films.
The elfin-like, mini skirt-clad waif was at the heart of London's Swinging 60s.
A waif drifted by on a pink swing above the busy central bar, while pretty gals in pink shorts and pigtails romped in the sand pit and wrestled in the ball pit.
A SKINNY, unshaven waif cut from the same cloth as Jack White, Brendan Benson has been playing solo since he was 15.
As he proceeded to suck the face off the waif, I couldn't resist interrupting: "Colin Farrell, is that you?
The concept of gracility had taken over, causing young women to seek after the slender figure of a tubercular, anemic, chlorositic waif.
In person, she is an innocent, a spiritual waif, not unlike Herman Melville's Billy Budd.
Padilla makes the boy fully human, not just a tragic figure or a typically lovable foreign movie waif.
Perhaps she was trying to recreate her waif look - a reason why The Council of Fashion Designers honoured her at the bash as a fashion icon, with an award presented by David Bowie
Akagi's Sonoko (Kumiko Aso), a young prostitute whom Akagi takes on as his nurse, has a primeval tenacity - the waif as force of nature.
Cinders is a frumpy, bespectacled waif, abused by an ugly stepfamily, whose values include incest, promiscuity, and black marketeering.
Dan initially picks up visiting American waif Alice, but a year or so of cohabitational bliss later, he meets and makes a play for Anna.
This is to prove that "you do not have to conform to the waif look to succeed".