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Synonyms for wahoo

upright deciduous plant with crimson pods and seeds

deciduous shrub having purple capsules enclosing scarlet seeds

large fast-moving predacious food and game fish

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The JCC Worcester Wahoos is a community swim team that competes in two leagues throughout the year.
In the Swim-a-Thon, Wahoo swimmers, family and friends gathered to support Rachel's Table, a central food distribution service that helps feed the hungry.
The Wahoos are coached by Laine Parenteau and Kathy Spodick.
Participating teams besides the Wahoos and Tornadoes include Athol Y Swim Team, Clark Memorial from Winchendon, Wachusett Storm, Montachusett Stingrays and Crimson Aquatics.
Bustos was enjoying a solid season for the Wahoos before suffering a knee injury last week that could sideline her the remainder of the season.
Camarillo High coach Miki Mangan is a teammate of Bustos' with the Wahoos.
LaBonte was an early proponent of high-speed trolling for Florida wahoo, a method that produces best in the first hours of daybreak and demands heavy tackle, 50-pound-class gear.
Not only does the apparatus broadcast a constant series of vibrant, irregular flashes--like a school of mirror-sided baitfish--it does so beneath the surface, which may have special appeal for openwater species such as wahoo.
Mangan, the coach of the Camarillo High softball team, is scheduled to join the Wahoos of the Women's Professional Fastpitch Softball league.
They can immediately replace rods when a wahoo is caught and is either hooked deep or has damaged the lure.
Once a wahoo is hooked up, back down the trolling speed to 4 or 5 knots, while steering the boat slightly to the side the wahoo is running on.
Add in the stunning catches of wahoo this year, and you'd think this has to be one of the oldest, best known fishing tournaments in Florida.
This year was more of a typical wahoo run," said Paul.
As part of the festivities, citizens of Wahoo, population 3,942, will join NFL commentator James "J.