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THE British biscuit maker behind Wagon Wheels is being put up for sale - leading to fears for hundreds of jobs.
The Wagon Wheel closed about three years ago after decades in business, according to Gail Sims, the new owner of the Wagon Wheel's building at 85 S.
Many of us will remember the Wagon Wheel being much bigger than they are today, but apparently the manufacturers deny this, and research shows that they are actually only a few millimetres smaller, due to a change in the manufacturing process.
Representatives of Wagon Wheel Mobile Park and Planning Consultant William Scanlan met with selectmen Tuesday to discuss the town's participation in financing the project, which is estimated to cost up to $3 million.
With Wagon Wheel beside her, Granny had a nice nap.
Teesside toddler Siobhan Hanrahan was horrified to discover what her family believes was a yellowing piece of tooth when she bit into her Wagon Wheel biscuit
He was found dead Wednesday near the Ventura Freeway construction site at Wagon Wheel and Ventura roads.
Judging by the size of her, more than one Wagon Wheel has fallen down her gullet.
In a radial-arm maze, which looks like a wagon wheel without its rim, the rats searched for sugary cereal at the ends of arms extending from a central hub.
and North Star Equipment--Waggener High has a kiln, a slab roller package with work table, wagon wheel and canvas, a potter's wheel, a work station, kiln furniture and $400 worth of clay (total value, more than $4,500).
today announced it has completed its previously announced sale of Harveys Wagon Wheel Hotel & Casino in Central City, Colorado, to Centaur Colorado, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Centaur, Inc.
He drew a wagon wheel and a pine tree, hereafter indicated respectively as w and t.
Now, "NSAWC is like the hub of a wagon wheel, supporting and supported by the many spokes of different commands on both coasts.
The building consists of 80% retail space and 20% office space, fully leased to a variety of tenants including Weichert Real Estate, Dunkin Donuts, Pure Elegance Cleaners and Wagon Wheel Liquors.
Not since rubber was added to the wagon wheel or air to the tire has the tire industry been faced with such a dramatically changing operating environment.