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full of high-spirited fun

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witty or joking

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After hearing from both, one editorial writer, waggishly polled others in the group to see which of the pair they thought would make the better president.
As Ernest Fortin waggishly wrote some years ago, in an essay provocatively titled "The Trouble with Catholic Social Thought," "if the poor are really closer to God, I suppose one should think twice before robbing them of their poverty.
Waggishly billed as The Heathrow Terminal Five Massacre, here's another how-far-can-we-go horror for fans who like their gore not just well done but burned to a cinder.
During the break, the home club's disc jockey waggishly featured Des O'Connor's number one hit of the time, 'Careless Hands', and The Scaffold's Thank U Very Much.
In 1924, Du Bois gave his nod to the Independent-Progressive candidate, Robert La Follette, also the nominee of the Socialist party; in 1928 the Crisis editor favored Socialist Norman Thomas; and in 1932 Du Bois gave his stamp of approval to both the Socialist and Communist nominees, commenting waggishly in the October Crisis, "[H]onest to God, if Herbert Hoover don't quit stopping the crisis, he's going to put [William Z.
Patients tend to be most adherent during the 5 days preceding and the 5 days after a doctor visit, a well-known phenomenon waggishly known as "white-coat adherence.
As one conference presenter waggishly put it, "Scientists would rather use each other's toothbrushes than use each other's terminology.
Verismo operas may be full of big tunes and opportunities for declamatory singing--often waggishly described as "can belto" rather than "bel canto"--but their stories can, on closer inspection, seem rather sordid and unedifying.
Indeed, having initially been part of what she calls a pre-Massive Attack style outfit - waggishly but very unofficially dubbed Puff, Rocks and Brown - who'd recorded some never released tracks ('they were rubbish' she says cheerfully) for Island before being dropped, the budding jazz vocalist and guitarist had just been signed to a solo deal by legendary producer Denny Cordell when Hollywood called and, an acting graduate who'd already chalked up various TV appearances roles (Lovejoy, Mr Wroe's Virgins and Royal Celebration), she had to make some tough choices.
Every once in awhile, one of my colleagues at USC may waggishly ask, "Wouldn't this be a great place if we didn't have to teach?
Film parody is only the most recent manifestation of genre diversification, and has proven to be fertile ground for up-and-coming directors, based on the box-office success of Kim Sangjin's Kick the Moon (2001) and Chang Kyu-song's Funny Movie (2002)--the latter a virtual compendium of intertextual references and in-jokes that waggishly rewards the audience's familiarity with genre conventions.