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Synonyms for wagerer

someone who bets

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Their efforts may never get off the ground, but they're to be taken seriously, as should any wagerer who bets on a fast horse.
This is beneficial to the avid sports wagerer who wants to place the same wager by adding or removing an additional leg (or team) to change the odds.
There was nothing further the Jockey Club could do to keep Coleman off the racecourse, but it could use its new-found link with the Association of British Bookmakers, in the way that another wayward wagerer, John McCracken, has been prevented from entering reputable betting premises.
During the quarter, we saw an increase of 7% in weekly unique wagerers at Youbet Express, offset by a decline of 13% in the average handle per unique weekly wagerer versus the prior-year quarter.
In summary: Before the average idiot considers a life as a professional wagerer, read both of these gripping, Mario Puzo-like accounts of addiction, corruption, betrayal, deception, greed and victimhood.
In the fourth quarter, the number of weekly unique wagerers increased 7%; however, due to economic pressures, the average handle per unique weekly wagerer decreased 7% versus the prior-year quarter.