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Importantly, as I show in the next section of this paper, the type of labour market in which members of DB plans would be able, theoretically, to make wage concessions solely on the basis of the defined-benefit formula is not a market in which DB plans are likely to exist.
In particular, if the firm incorporates an early retirement inducement into its pension plan provisions, then the present value of the firm's incremental pension cost (PVC) from doing so should be netted out against the present value of the savings stream (PVS) which would result from the workers' acceptance of wage concessions in response to this inducement.
A 3 percent wage concession would save two jobs, he said.
Conry, who said he is opposed to any layoffs in public safety, said he was not moved by the unions agreeing to the wage concessions only if the trash fee were enacted.
Delta Air Lines' pilots union reportedly held wage concession discussions with airline management yesterday (28 October).
Wage concession negotiations between Delta Air Lines and its pilots have reportedly broken down.
Safeway built the $91 million state-of-the-art distribution center in 1998, after receiving $14 million in economic incentives from taxpayers and wage concessions from workers.
A strengthening labour market may be giving workers the confidence to seek bigger wage concessions, which would prompt companies to raise prices for goods and services.
Several committee members said they were confused about how the district plans to factor in wage concessions and unpaid furlough days that are still being negotiated.
They are not in a position to make wage concessions and they may have large inventories that further weaken the desire to end the strike quickly.
Erne's analysis of wage bargaining begins with the downward pressure on wages caused by the introduction of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the subsequent rise of competitive corporatism in the 1990s (including the increasing acceptance of wage concessions by workers).
Armin Schild, a regional boss of the IG Metall union, which negotiates on behalf of Opel's blue-collar workers, and one of Opel's own supervisory board members, has already warned that far more is at stake in upcoming negotiations than simply swapping job guarantees for wage concessions.
Opel has said it aims to close its plant in Bochum, Germany, in 2017, but has offered to extend a pledge of no job cuts to 2016 in return for fresh wage concessions and union acceptance of the Bochum closure.
Individuals and unions, which are still essential to the preservation of workers' rights and safe working conditions, must offer increasingly greater wage concessions.
lt;span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">&nbsp; </span>The suicides prompted worker strikes, which were resolved after factory owners gave sizable wage concessions.