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the wage demanded from management for workers by their union representatives


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The department provided the Reporter with the "wage claim inquiry report"--a one- or two-page summary report of each wage claim filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act--for 714 out of 800 cases that were, as of late 2011, completed and closed.
The employer was unable to convince the Department of Labor that records kept by the worker (that had not been previously provided to the employer) and submitted at the hearing to support her wage claim were invalid or unreliable.
The FLSA (12) might have provided an avenue for a collective action for unpaid minimum wages for the Ouellette plaintiffs, but for the fact that under the FLSA, minimum wage claims are calculated by multiplying the total number of hours worked (i.
The Colorado Wage Claim Act (the "Wage Act") requires employers to make timely payments of wages earned by employees.
NURSES are preparing a huge wage claim to put an end to "poverty pay" and head off a massive exodus from their ranks.
Fabe, worked for 22 days as an in-house attorney for the company and in May 2005 filed a wage claim to secure wages which the developer failed to pay upon her resignation.
I am pleased that through the Berman wage claim process, my office was able to help her get some of the hard earned wages she deserved.
311) Where pensions are treated like wages, such pension claims get the advantage of whatever wage claim priority exists within the insolvency process, as well as being treated as part of the wage guarantee fund.
If efficiency were to be improved in this industry, the employers could pay our wage claim in full and could increase their profits at the same time.
With the NZNO/Service and Food Workers' (SFWU) team revising its wage claim from 5.
The ACTU's wage claim is for a $28 a week increase in the National Minimum Wage and in other award minimum wages up to the benchmark tradesperson's rate; and a 4.
Estabrook said the stab bing victim recently filed a wage claim with his agency that remains under investigation.
Only 24% of single workers aged over 26 on a low wage claim the working tax credit.