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Synonyms for waft



Synonyms for waft

be driven or carried along, as by the air

blow gently

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Hot, sulfurous gases waft from vents in the earth, kill trees, drive away wildlife, and sometimes threaten people's lives.
Many local residents who have long complained that it wafts bad smells their way also have found a way to coexist with the business.
Precisely how carbon wafts in and out of huge forests remains a big question for everyone calculating the global carbon cycle and its connection to climate change.
A swirl of feathers catches a wisp of air and wafts upward.
GOURD ALMIGHTY: The cash registers are ringing in the temporary Halloween stores, the smell of miniature chocolate bars wafts through groceries, and the frost is on the pumpkin - somewhere.
Pollen wafts from a field of corn genetically engineered to make its own insecticide in amounts sufficient to kill monarch butterfly caterpillars nearby, according to an Iowa study.
Never mind that the simple dissipation of air in an open space like a park already achieves that purpose, or that smoke wafts upward, while kids run around low to the ground.
The remaining roughly 41 percent either becomes chemically transformed in the atmosphere or wafts across U.
They estimate that about 16 percent of the ozone cooked up in the lower atmosphere over the eastern United States and Canada wafts across the Atlantic in the summer, far exceeding the amount of natural stratospheric ozone likely to bleed down into the lower atmosphere over the North Atlantic in the same period.
All in all, ``Bride of the Wind'' brings us wafts of fascinating history without ever really blowing us away.
At Quail Valley School, the halls are lined with reproductions of paintings by Picasso and Van Gogh, the music of Gershwin wafts through the cafeteria, and students have recorded a CD of original songs set for Christmas release.
Chef Paul tosses vegetables into a pan for stir-fry teriyaki, and the sweet, spicy aroma wafts over a line of patrons awaiting their made-to-order meal.
In addition to offering planting advice, the series suggests where to place plants for the best effect, such as planting a climber below a bedroom window so the fragrance wafts inside in the summer when the window is open.
And the smell of barbecue wafts from huge pits tended by serious-faced men working over fiery coals.