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Synonyms for waft



Synonyms for waft

be driven or carried along, as by the air

blow gently

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A waft outside the off-stump while looking to take the game to the brink, saw the big little man, get an outside edge off Lendl Simmons; but the crowd will take with them 35 of those 50,000-odd runs at the end of the night, and say they were there when Sachin reached another one of those countless landmarks.
Maybe the smoke wafts onto the ice when the players come out for the second session?
Methane also wafts up from the wet soils in swamps and rice paddies, where methane-producing microbes live.
Rambling through the forest On an autumn afternoon Is an awesome sight to see The bronze, gold and amber of the leaves The vivid red of the berry A robin sits upon a bough Surveying his domain While shafts of light from the autumn sun Shone through half naked trees And fir cones lie in plenty Beneath the evergreen A cool gentle breeze filters through the trees And the smell of wood smoke wafts As the sun goes down And darkness falls The forest prepares for winter
The original purpose of this ritual was less playful than might appear: the wafts of "holy smoke" served to quell the inevitable cocktail of pungent odors emanating from the assembled pilgrims.
The outer wafts on the first four floors of 80 Hayden St.
Carbon, by far the largest constituent of coal, typically wafts away as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
Ezra J--" it wafts over repeated piano chords, unfolding into dissonant, multitracked harmonies that spread like an inkblot.
Her long skirt is soon whipped away by her partner like a veil; she wafts about in lounge pajama pants and bustier, an idealized woman in a perfume commercial.
But written in an infantile hand, the phrase also evoked the mysterious fear that wafts between rows of school desks, a fear brought on by the imposition of knowledge.
Outside the main entrance to Garfinckel's, in downtown Washington, a Viennese waltz wafts over the sidewalk gently beckoning passers-by to the store's groundfloor fragrance department.
With covered windows and scant foot traffic, neighbors often are none the wiser -- until police raid the facility or the musty odor of marijuana escapes and wafts over the neighborhood.
As fog wafts by, tiny water droplets gather on the top of a bump, merging into a drop big enough for the wind to nudge off the bump's summit.
These blow air over a lemon-lime-soaked pad and a fruity mist wafts through a vent.