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Synonyms for waft



Synonyms for waft

be driven or carried along, as by the air

blow gently

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If you love the aroma of baking Italian bread wafting through your home, then the Rustic Crust Company has created some ready-made pizza crusts just for you.
Rigert floated around Braun like Saturn's rings, soft-pedaling her slippered feet and wafting to earth.
A few hours later, an elderly man wakes his wife up with the aroma wafting from their weathered percolator.
The heady aromas wafting from this elixir are legion: a melange of spices (such as vanilla, cinnamon, or licorice), fruits (prune, fig, or apple), and candies (butterscotch, toffee, or chocolate).
You can almost smell her rose-milk aphrodisiac bath wafting from the pages, washing over your skin, soothing away stress, and making you say "Aaahhh.
He thought they had been wafting incense into his home and were responsible for a draught and a 'clicking noise'.
I was a little shocked at this sight, because as the door opened it almost seemed like a wave of thick, hot stench came wafting out of the cave-like interior.
At first, Robert thought it best that the family remain in the bedroom for the night, but then noticed smoke wafting under the door.
Fee days went by without a joke about Tikkala's ancestral Finland or the scent of his freshly grown popcorn wafting down the hallway.
With their pliant contours and wafting bulk, his signature inflated nylon works are meant to stimulate awareness of spatial relations, to articulate felt yet unseen qualities of air and unused portions of social space--but also simply to provide moments of fun.
Here, the only wafting rhythms are from the boom-boxes of passing black teenagers.
and wafting though each story, the deadly, seductive scent of tobacco.
Roberts said most of the Antelope Valley's air pollution this summer blew in from the Los Angeles Basin -- as is evident to anyone who noticed the brown cloud wafting most late summer afternoons through Soledad Pass.
One of the parasitic plants called dodders responds to volatile compounds wafting off nearby plants and shows preferences for certain species, says Consuelo De Moraes of Pennsylvania State University in University Park.
In Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary,, director Guy Maddin shoots Mark Godden's choreography for the The Royal Winnipeg Ballet in dreamlike images, silent movie-style, complete with wafting fog, subtle washes of color over black and white, title cards, and melodrama.