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a small adhesive disk of paste

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a small thin crisp cake or cookie

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thin disk of unleavened bread used in a religious service (especially in the celebration of the Eucharist)

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This flexible, modular line configuration also permits multi-layer metal or alloy plating with no loading or unloading of the wafers between processes.
Reid, president and chief executive officer of Ibis Technology Corporation, said, "We are pleased that the SUMCO implanter has completed the final acceptance process, and we expect that SUMCO will begin using this tool for producing 300-millimeter SIMOX-SOI wafers immediately.
Fueling this growth in needed wafer capacity, nineteen new semiconductor device fabs are planned to start or ramp production on 300mm wafers over the next three years.
Ibis Technology Corporation (Nasdaq NM: IBIS), a leading provider of SIMOX-SOI implantation equipment to the worldwide semiconductor industry, today announced the receipt of an order for an Ibis i2000 oxygen implanter from SUMCO, a leading manufacturer of silicon wafers.
The WaferMate200(TM) workcell is designed to accommodate wafers ranging in size from 100mm to 200mm in diameter, and can be configured with a broad range of options to meet specific handling requirements.
is offering a cost saving alternative of using reclaimed TEOS or thermal oxide dummy wafers for CMP(a) tools retaining ring break-ins and tool startup qualifications after idle time.
In addition to the emergence of SoC flip chip products, the 300 mm wafer format that is fast becoming the industry-standard more than doubles the number of die to be tested on flip chip device wafers and places significant demands and challenges on semiconductor manufacturers' performance testing capabilities.
They can also perform intuitive analysis of defect patterns and trends as they relate to wafers and lots, time periods, lot-routing through the process and performance of a particular process step.
Plasma-enhanced fusion bonding is valuable because the relatively low temperature allows hermetic bonding of microstructure wafers with wafers that already have fully processed circuitry on board.
The EVG520IS Semi-automated Wafer Bonding System handles wafers up to 300mm and easily can be configured for pilot-line or volume production.
Leading silicon wafer manufacturer orders an Ibis i2000 oxygen implanter for producing SIMOX-SOI wafers; order valued at approximately $6 million
Reductions in roughness enable easier inspection of SIMOX-SOI wafers and may increase yield of semiconductor chips manufactured on these wafers
Additionally, this order indicates the continued strength of ADE's silicon wafer market position and product offerings worldwide as the industry transitions from 200mm to 300mm diameter wafers," stated Dr.