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This estuary, historically one of the world's ecologically richest, yields a bounty of the small fish that wading birds eat.
The Great Thick-knee is a unique-looking large wading bird, well adapted to its diet of crabs, large insects and other small animals.
Bittern: Known for its booming call, the Bittern is a wading bird - part of the heron family.
Although wading birds usually feed alone and for short periods, their energetic requirements are high (Kushlan 1978, 1981).
Which wading bird makes a distinctive booming noise during the mating season?
5) 28 Unclean (5) 29 Suspect (7) 30 Burnt remains (5) 31 Playing card with two spots (5) 2 Agroupof acrobats (6) 3 Lords (6) 4 Falsehood (3) 5 An assumed name (5) 6 Not combed (hair) (7) 7 Notices (4) 8 Snuggle up (6) 12 Weeps (5) 13 Wading bird (5) 14 Topic of interest (5) 15 Axle (5) 16 Description of rustic life (5) 18 Turns (5) 19 Unsubstantial (7) 21 Prevents (6) 22 Low seat, - - - longue (6) 23 Relating to milk (6) 25 Uncannily disturbing (5) 26 Yield (territory) (4) 28 Shell that fails to explode (3)
The dunlin is a wading bird with a very distinctive call.
The Redshank This wading bird spends winter around the Mediterranean, returning to the Severn for the summer and is protected as a migratory waterbird.
This shy, mostly nocturnal wading bird belonged on some secluded creek bank, not here among the boaters, picnickers and frisbee-catching dogs.
FOUR UK wading bird species saw numbers fall to new lows last year, as poor weather compounded long-term declines in populations, a survey has revealed.
The Hawaiian stilt, a black-and-white wading bird, makes its nest on tufts of land in the middle of coastal wetlands.
It wasn't too long ago that upland Wales reverberated to the almost ethereal music of this longbilled wading bird.
In the first country-wide assessment of its kind, the RSPB study looked at five wading bird species - lapwing, curlew, golden plover, dunlin and snipe.
The dunlin is a small, brown wading bird with a shrill trilling call.
Wading bird chicks feed on insects found alongside pools of water, but with the pools drying up and bugs becoming scarce they are having to venture further afield to forage - facing greater danger as a result.