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Wading bird numbers in the BBE were highest in the Late Dry season (846/route) and lowest in the Early Wet season (383/route; F = 3.
An updated account of wading bird foraging behavior.
Science demonstrates clearly that an investment in the time spent on legal predator control helps the breeding success of many species of wading birds, including curlew.
A new program is helping the military to protect and defend wading birds, woodpeckers, rare plants, and other resources.
THE dry weather is putting the chicks of wading birds at risk at key wildlife sites, the RSPB has warned.
The black-tailed qodwit is a large wading bird with a long straight bill and long legs.
In the first country-wide assessment of its kind, the RSPB study looked at five wading bird species - lapwing, curlew, golden plover, dunlin and snipe.
Texaco's gift provides protection for one of the world's most significant wading bird nesting colonies and is an important step toward establishing a long range management plan for public use of the property, known as Cypress Island Preserve.
Which British wading bird makes a booming Emma Thompson - see Question 6 element?
Get boots and binoculars at the ready for a three to four hour walk among woodland and the estuary, considered to be ninth best for wading bird life.
Recent surveys of the wading bird population showed numbers of some species had dropped by nearly 60 per cent in the last five years.
Mr Wilson said: "Normally some species of birds are very shy, such as the wading bird, but their need for food means they have had to start visiting homes and parks.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland said: "The Firth of Forth is one of the most important wading bird sites in Scotland.
As it dropped to the ground, someone pointed out that it was in fact an ibis, a stork-like wading bird.
The hedgehogs are being culled because they are eating the eggs of rare wading bird colonies.