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com representatives will represent the Triple Threat Wacky Rig for the following 2 years using these materials and will also actively follow up with any manufacturers and marketers that display an interest in potentially licensing the invention.
If you were to watch "The Wacky Factory" episodes in chronological order you would see a progression, LaJeunesse said.
THEY'RE OFF: Wacky Macky Bear wins last year's race
Years later I realised how good Wacky Jackie was when he told of how they would quickly rehearse the show and then, only minutes before it went on air, they would change the script.
The jokes were juvenile--so of course Wacky Packages struck a chord with kids in an America where consumer products and cynicism were equally ubiquitous.
Of course there is - there's the wacky baccy cafes, which are hopeless, frankly.
Under the leadership of The Wacky Bear Factory's Deven Thaker and with the support of The National Wacky Bear organization, the campaign encouraged local community members to buy bears for the guard members' children and provided a website for military members to record their messages that were then downloaded to the bears.
It is as if she came straight out of the wacky sitcom the film might originally been conceived as.
and wacky creation by designer Manish Arora I at the BFC tent in London Fashion Week
He found their cheerfully wacky site at the admirably brief address www.
I knew it was the Lord, just because it was so wacky.
THE CHALLENGES we were presented with in Minneapolis would take some craftsmanship, We (Dan Drehobl and I) had to make a wacky skateboard out of something not meant to be ridden.
And don't miss the consummately wacky Disco, Moodswings, or The Lying Dutchman.
Wacky fact: Named after Moloch, a god who demanded human sacrifice, and "horridus"--which means dreadful in Latin.
It's Wacky Wednesday - a funfilled day where everything is topsy turvy, a bit bizarre, and very extraordinary.