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the cardinal compass point that is a 270 degrees

a unit of power equal to 1 joule per second

the 23rd letter of the Roman alphabet

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Hughes, who had 106 victories two seasons ago and 95 last term, struck first on Double W's (1-2 favourite) in the Molson Coors (Whizz Kids) Novices' Hurdle.
The borrower expects to refinance the bridge loan with bank financing prior to the end of W's loan term.
One can very well take W's idea of ethics in a renewed way consistent with his rethinking of the human subject.
The W's also played Happy Jack, and Hard To Explain but what really sealed the wedding deal for Kate was their fab rendition of The Clash hit London Calling.
In 2007, officers contacted W's employers to inform them of the previous conviction and of the fresh allegations amid fears he could have contact with children in his job.
223(b)(5) do not apply, because W's non-HDHP family coverage does not cover H.
1985Staff start using a ``strong suit'' to ``manage'' Patient W's behaviour.
H & W's facility in Rochester, NY is a working space, dedicated to product development, assembly and final testing of smaller systems.
Contrarily, should the official version of Bill W's story prove unable to withstand critical scrutiny, we would be challenged to consider its origins and their implications for our current arrangements concerning drink and drinking in our daily lives.
The most recent of such first-rate books, Hymers' monograph is a comprehensive introduction and guide to W's philosophy.
The 4 W's project focusing on Women, Work, Wellbeing and Words provided students with the background they needed to apply for jobs in the NHS.
The district court granted the IRS's motion for summary judgment because it concluded that the hourly per-diem amounts were not made with a reasonable expectation that the employees would actually incur travel expenses in the amounts paid; the Service argues, under W's arrangement, employees who should have been expected to incur similar travel expenses received dramatically different reimbursements because they worked more hours in the same number of days.
Fashion on Film will have four channels; one will debut the short documentary, The Remaking of W directed by Greg Brunkalla, the second will be devoted to designer branded fashion films; the third will feature a video exhibition curated by Herve Mikaeloff; and the last will showcase contest finalists from W's In a Fashion Minute contest.
In late December 1992 and early January 1993, H and his attorney inventoried H and W's safe deposit box.
W's executor filed Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief, electing relief under Sec.