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Synonyms for vulnerable

open to attack and capture because of a lack of protection

Antonyms for vulnerable

susceptible to criticism or persuasion or temptation

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capable of being wounded or hurt

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India were vulnerably placed on 243 for four at tea on day three needing another 200 to avoid the follow-on, but reached 382 for four at stumps.
India was vulnerably placed on 241-4 on Wednesday needing 200 more runs to avoid the follow-on when Tendulkar and Raina paired together.
According to ICRC, the population in the semi-autonomous region have become vulnerably as a result of indiscriminate attacks attributed to the Lord's Resistance Army in regions bordering Western Equatoria state, all of which have affected food production.
Acting Inspector Paul Newcombe said vulnerably elderly residents had been left distressed as the deliveries are their only means of obtaining milk.
These lines are not equivalents but are linked vulnerably, for a weak link is "the point at which a system, sequence, or organization is most vulnerable," as the dictionary has it; the links between these strips are vulnerable at every point except for the last transition: "[--] [not equal to] undoing what the war forces //--weakening the links.
The emergence of the desert triggers an unnerving crisis in which the narrator is vulnerably exposed to the unknown wilderness.
In order to become a Big Issue vendor, an individual must prove that they are homeless or vulnerably housed and sign a code of conduct.
An early piece from that time, Fruit, presents one clay apple sitting vulnerably inside a circle of menacing ceramic cowboys.
The pulpit's open front makes clear that preachers stand vulnerably before God and neighbor; there is no place to hide.
Money donated to the trust has since paid for training staff at both the Cyrenians and day services at nearby Norton House, which provides meals for homeless and vulnerably housed people.
Michelle Dorrance--brilliant and impish--revealed a vulnerably geeky, girlish side in Regina Spektor's Baobabs, danced to singing by Miriam Chicurel.
As an immigrant, she finds Canadians shocking; she'd like to quit her job, but worries about one little boy who clings to her so vulnerably.
There health and safety is very much more lax than here and the environment is, much to the detriment of the vulnerably exploitable masses of the Third World as is so often the case in Bangladesh or even China, all but an irrelevance.
It might come as a bit of a surprise, then, to pick up Rick Anthony Furtak's Wisdom in Love, Kierkegaard and the Ancient Quest for Emotional Integrity and find that the Dane's authorship actually advocates vulnerably engaged emotional attachments over against Stoic other-worldly flights.
Anyway Lewys is here, tiny, and vulnerably beautiful, as all babies are, and I wish him a happy, contented and healthy life.