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Synonyms for vulnerable

open to attack and capture because of a lack of protection

Antonyms for vulnerable

susceptible to criticism or persuasion or temptation

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capable of being wounded or hurt

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The same study identified the need for education on rental housing rights and responsibilities for those who were vulnerably housed and/or homeless and for the staff (the service providers or intermediaries) who provide the support services.
2 million were vulnerably employed -- that's equivalent to the city of Chicago -- so we put cash in their hands right away.
Their lives challenge us all to co-exist vulnerably with each another, to free up guarded places, fulfill unrealized visions, and speak our own truths to power.
Reel again, and it rises a little, twitching and flashing vulnerably, an easy target for predators.
In other words, he was being a true representative as he stood vulnerably in the front line, pleading for calm from the rioters and with the police to "understand".
In this phase, CASCOM participates in weekly coordination and planning meetings, conferences, and workshops for the development of final test plans, vulnerably assessments, and the DOTMLPF [doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities] collection plan and interoperability tests.
We will be vulnerably exposed to adhoc political decisions and vagaries of nature unless these contentious issues are addressed.
QK House gained charitable status last April; the plan is to buy a large house close to the school and to turn it into a temporary home for homeless or vulnerably housed students who are trying to continue their education.
The Wales-based charity works with homeless and vulnerably housed people to find the accommodation and support which will help them to live safer, happier and more independent lives.
Any poet willing to face these two facts as vulnerably and courageously as Yankelevich does can't help but find themselves in a place where, "Looking up from the typewriter you realize you are obsolete.
The services that help support really vulnerably young people who have or are experiencing bullying.
In a statement issued on the occasion of this Day, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Solidarity and Tunisians Abroad underlines that under President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali's leadership and as part of a comprehensive development approach, Tunisia has always provided special care for needy and vulnerably categories to guarantee them attributes of development and decent life.
My experience of being vulnerably housed, and of no fixed abode, was pretty grim.
India was vulnerably placed on 241-4 on Wednesday needing 200 more runs to avoid the follow-on when Tendulkar and Raina paired together.
India were vulnerably placed on 243 for four at tea on day three needing another 200 to avoid the follow-on, but reached 382 for four at stumps.