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Synonyms for vulgarian

an unrefined, rude person

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a vulgar person (especially someone who makes a vulgar display of wealth)

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And she does take pleasure in beating the vulgarians but all you see is the same beatific smile.
Brian Williams, by some orders of magnitude a greater intellectual vulgarian even than Mr.
Julian is a complete vulgarian, pathetic son of a bitch, cold, lethal, arrested development.
You name the political villain, human rights abuser or vulgarian funder of this or that and you will find their architectural handmaidens, ready to satisfy every whim on projects from the megalomaniac private house right up to entire cities, built by slave labour.
Many of these words were coined to describe the fantasticated foods served up by the vulgarian mega-rich host.
Kennedy, Johnson was a vulgarian unfit for Georgetown salons.
They were party broadsheets largely devoted to advertisements and partisan editorializing so rabid that Tocqueville attacked the American journalist as an uneducated vulgarian who makes `an open and coarse appeal to the passions of his readers; he abandons principles to assail the character of individuals, to track them into private life and disclose all their weaknesses and vices.
Bialystock is a cartoonish, roly-poly, middle-aged vulgarian who gets the dough to mount his crummy shows (like The Breaking Wind and a musical based on Hamlet called Funny Boy) by porking rich little old ladies, whom he distinguishes by nicknames such as "Hold-me-Touch-me" and "Yank-me-Spank-me.
Yet in Dream Stuff there is a certain impatience and even waspishness discernible toward vulgarian, lumpen Australia.
But his wealth has transformed him into a crass vulgarian, a man who exorcises his demons by denigrating his wife.
No one called him an anti-Negro vulgarian, however.
Cited by The New York Times as a ''pathetically appealing vulgarian,'' Black's performance won her an Oscar nomination and Golden Globe Award.