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Synonyms for vouchsafe



Synonyms for vouchsafe

to let have as a favor, prerogative, or privilege

to descend to a level considered inappropriate to one's dignity

Words related to vouchsafe

grant in a condescending manner

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The central question in much of classic academic analysis of rabbinic esotericism was how, if at all, it connected to the late rabbinic or early medieval "Hekhalot" texts that described mystical ascents of pseudepigraphic ancient rabbis through multiple levels of palaces until they were vouchsafed a vision of the divine "chariot.
The PAF air support vouchsafed and helped our ground troops to move about freely, approach, access and take actions to extricate the savages like huns.
Happily, the editors have vouchsafed clarity and a consistent sense of a project without quashing individual styles.
With commercial real estate threatening to tank the way housing did last year, and with mortgages vouchsafed by the Federal Housing Administration looking ever more like the subprimes, the odds of a double-dip recession are mounting.
Without sounding clichd, I've totally crossed the finish line today," he vouchsafed, having completed the professional kitchen task, looking vaguely puzzled about what was coming out of his mouth.
Two days earlier in Strasbourg he also vouchsafed the power of his own moral example.
Many similar nuggets are vouchsafed to the diligent reader.
We must be given the referendum Gordon Brown is denying us, if we are to have any chance of reversing the trend and being allowed to continue living under our own laws, which vouchsafed freedom of the individual and government by our own elected Parliament.
describes the reader's response to the power of this iconic image within the Gospel narrative: "We can be drawn through the icon until we attend from it to the kingdom of God and the true significance of the Christ and the words, to glimpse the risen and eschatological glory vouchsafed to us through this narrative.
Although foreign missionaries continued to enjoy the extraordinary privileges vouchsafed them by the so-called Unequal Treaties, some were troubled by the impropriety of trying to accomplish righteous ends through unrighteous means.
To make a long story short, the book Monas Hieroglyphica does not construct a perfect character but explicates a vision vouchsafed by God.
The pleasure that has been vouchsafed me is enormous.
presidency; it is a position of trust vouchsafed by the American people.
Its legitimacy has been vouchsafed by no less an authority than the Supreme Court.
When God charged Moses to bring the message of the redemption, it included also the promise that the Land He had vouchsafed to them be secured as a national heritage.