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  • verb

Synonyms for vouch

to confirm formally as true, accurate, or genuine

Synonyms for vouch

give personal assurance

give surety or assume responsibility

summon (a vouchee) into court to warrant or defend a title

Related Words

give supporting evidence

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Vouch allows members to screen applicants based on their appearances as well as their financial status.
which, let's face it, we all vouch for it reducing the tCC Cream Anti CC Cream Anti CC Cream Anti Ageing 6-in-1 Ageing 6-in-1 Day Cream, Superdrug, PS8.
All their players will vouch for the fact (there "Quite where he saw that really disappoints me because I'm not that sort of person and I'm not a coward.
Sir Bruce wrote: "I cannot vouch for the veracity of these data but they are worrying.
Another change adopted by the provincial government was to limit the number of people a sworn-in voter could vouch for.
Good to know he's still knocking about though as, while we can't really vouch for the quality of his more recent solo output, the thought of the world being without the man who played the humungous riffage on KISS tracks like Detroit Rock City, Deuce and I Stole Your Love is a very depressing one indeed.
But now after this match I can vouch that our team attitude is great," Kirwan observed.
CanIt now has experimental support for Vouch By Reference (RFC 5518).
Mr Al Ghanem returned the following day, accompanied by three supporters who pledged they would vouch for him.
I won't testify for any stories of fathers before I was born, so all I will vouch for is the repeating: my father was a prick.
The court told the attorney that it would summon two witnesses to the next hearing to vouch for the translator's honesty, integrity and ability to translate from Tamil.
And over the last 17 months there have been several changes at the channel which put things on the air that, frankly, I could not vouch for.
I'm a mother myself so I can vouch for the terrible strain put on them
Their generosity was among the bright spots of help in the weeks immediately after Katrina, and I can vouch for their contribution.
Baldwin's lawyer said Mr Smith was a friend of the actor and could vouch the car was borrowed, not stolen.