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dedicated in fulfillment of a vow

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main cross-shape stupa and 19 other small votive stupas and a number of monasteries
A votive Mass is a eucharistic celebration for special purposes or occasions.
Concession of institutional cemetery services and votive electric lighting in the municipality of Piacenza for the period from 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2031.
Two of my favourite items, both bargains, are a Tesco hammered tag, and from online interiors company, Idyll Home's copper glass star votive, PS6.
Revising her March 2011 dissertation for a doctorate in theology at the University of Copenhagen, Gudme presents what might be the first full-length study of votive practice in the Hebrew Bible.
DETAILS: BBQ Ant Votive Candle Holders designed to resemble a large ant.
AINTING - VOTIVE LIFE DESPITE having only been together for 18 months, alternative dream pop quintet Cave Painting - comprising Adam Kane, Sam Simon, Jonathan McCawley, Richard Snabel and Harry Smallwood - sound like they've been making music together for years.
But no votive offerings, no one kneeled before candles or asked forgiveness, or rose against the dark.
Or True Grace Snowfall 12 Candle Votive Set, pounds 50, John Lewis.
GOLD zebra print features on this votive from the Star by Julien Macdonald collection at Debenhams, pounds 15.
com] Short boning knife and linoleum cutter (easier to control than kitchen knives) Votive candles
Out enough lace or ribbon to wrap completely around the votive.
On October 31 there will be a Votive Mass of the Blessed Sacrament at 8pm.
The trade dress infringement lawsuit details how Williams-Sonoma believes Target has knocked items such as Christmas stockings and votive candies in particular, and its home product designs overall.