voting trust

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an agreement whereby persons owning stock with voting powers retain ownership while transferring the voting rights to the trustees

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Provisions in a voting trust could regulate any material and procedural issues concerning shareholders' decisions (127).
The purpose of the voting trust was clear: to create a vigilant and active set of monitors to safeguard investors' interests.
Under both the voting trust and proxy arrangements, the trustees or proxy holders must be U.
A redemption occurred; the issue was whether the voting trust stock should be viewed as controlled by the trustees and, thus, not count after the redemption.
Incus's shares of Laredo National Bancshares will be placed into a voting trust.
At the request of the Cowles Family Voting Trust, which controls 56% of the company's voting shares, the company's board said it is reviewing a wide range of options, from no change to an outright sale.
In an effort to gain approval for the takeover, Goldsmith has stated his intentions to sell Farmers or put the group into an independent voting trust pending any sale.
Assuming no stay requests are made by the December 24, 2012 deadline set by the STB, the voting trust that has controlled RailAmerica since the transaction closed on October 1, 2012 is expected to be dissolved on December 28, 2012.
TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation (Nasdaq:AMTD) said on Wednesday that the Rodger O Riney Family Voting Trust U/A/D 12/31/2012 (the Riney Trust), the Paula and Rodger Riney Foundation and the St Louis Community Foundation Inc (together, the selling stockholders), agreed to sell in an underwritten secondary offering, a total of 27,685,493 shares of the company's common stock.
Laure said a local court ruling had affirmed the revocation of the voting trust agreement that was given to Tai which resulted in his removal as a company officer.
On 7 December 2015 Norfolk Southern released a white paper by former Surface Transportation Board commissioners Francis Mulvey and Charles Nottingham in which they carefully reviewed voting trust issues and the original merger transaction proposed by Canadian Pacific.
SDSM's initiative for voting trust in the Government, that should be raised on Friday before MPs, has the goal to reveal the seriousness of the political crisis and the disagreements between the coalition partners, Professor Biljana Van kovska assesses.
PH) having received the US Federal Reserve's approval of a voting trust agreement involving Allied's shares in Oceanic Bank Holdings.
Finally, if a voting trust is used, each beneficiary is counted as an S shareholder.
Carvin revoked the voting trust that controlled the 30 percent block of stock, the option agreement and claimed 80 percent ownership after firing Wortman for alleged self-dealing and making important business decisions without her knowledge.