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Three companies were awarded optical scan voting system contracts in 2004 and 2005.
Researchers Bryan Campbell, Chad Tossell, Michael Byrne, and Philip Kortum designed a mobile voting system optimized for use on a smartphone and tested its usability against traditional voting platforms.
2 voting system by Premier Election Solutions, which includes optical-scan and direct recording electronic device (DRE) technology, to the 2002 Voting System Standards.
Recommendation: To address the potentially longstanding void in centrally facilitated problem identification and resolution for non-EAC-certified voting systems, Congress may wish to expand EAC's role under HAVA such that, consistent with both the commission's nonregulatory mission and the voluntary nature of its voting system standards and certification program, EAC is assigned responsibility for providing resources and services to facilitate understanding and resolution of common voting system problems that are not otherwise covered under EAC's certification program, and providing EAC with the resources needed to accomplish this.
For one thing, the decertification doesn't mean there's something inherently wrong with Los Angeles' electronic voting system, InkaVote.
make a voting system that's more reliable and secure than what we have now or have ever had.
If at the end of the day our problems really could be traced back to incompetence at every level of the voting system, it would indeed be tempting to give up and declare the situation an unsolvable mess.
The lack of openness about voting system problems in contemporary U.
Internet consulting, design and construction company Sense Internet has been chosen by The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) to provide an online voting system.
After the 2000 elections, the Florida legislature quickly authorized $32 million to purchase new voting systems with high hopes for redemption in the 2002 elections.
Their report concluded that the basic cause of computer-related election problems was the lack of appropriate technical skills at the state and local level to develop or implement sophisticated standards against which voting system software and hardware could be tested.
We looked at Hart's voting system and found the machines very simple to operate.
2 Compliance with Statutes and Rules Provide confirmation of compliance of the following items for the proposed Voting System (see Referenced Statutes & Rules): 3.
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And our InkaVote Plus system in Los Angeles County is a paper ballot voting system.