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a mechanical device for recording and counting votes mechanically

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Contract notice: Insurance / renting voting machines for the elections for municipal councilors and mayors on 10/25/2015
No one has said what kind of voting machine is being discussed.
In this regard, the election commission has contacted 11 companies dealing in biometric machine and electronic voting machine.
Namibian Delegate, Marilyn Iren Vekondoroka Katjitundu,Chief Information Officer, Election Commission of Namibia, said in her Interview, " Actually, the thing that strikes me the most is the knowledge that the voters have in terms of the use of electronic voting machine and the pride that they take in voting.
NEW DELHI, June 12 -- An Indian psephologist has warned Pakistan and Bangladesh against introducing electronic voting machines (EVMs) that, he claims, are even more prone to fraud and manipulation than the conventional voting methods.
Stealing America" revisits what happened in Ohio with the electronic voting machines and other voting manipulations.
63) Despite the concerns of electronic voting machine experts, the DRE machines performed adequately and did not experience the dire problems many feared.
In a corridor at the LDP headquarters in Tokyo, an electronic voting machine was installed in May last year to promote understanding among LDP members, but there was a less than positive reaction, indicating the members are not interested in electronic voting.
In the aftermath of last fall's disclosures that electronic voting machines can easily be adjusted to rig an election, a new concern has been raised about their use.
While the possibility of a voting machine virus had been hypothesized by other researchers, the new study shows that the threat is real, comments computer scientist Douglas W.
28) In the past two years, hybrid machines have become the hot item in the voting machine market.
VOTE411 provides both general and state-specific data on such items as voter registration and absentee ballot rules, early voting provisions, ID requirements, voting machine types, tools for overseas citizens, and contact information for elections officials.
In Gahanna, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, an electronic voting machine gave Bush 4,258 votes to Kerry's 260.
Dan Spillane, a former software engineer for a voting machine company that includes a former CIA director and Dick Cheney's former assistant on its board of directors, has sued his employer for firing him when he pointed out holes in their system that he claims could lead to vote-rigging.