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deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote

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Rufus Jones describes the practice of voteless decisions among the Friends: "The central idea was the complete elimination of majorities and minorities; it became the Quaker custom to reach all decisions in unity.
Alberta West commented that although Canadian women are voteless, in this case they were not voiceless.
As Washington asserted, "A voteless people cannot bring much pressure to bear and conversely are not to be feared" (p.
In both of those states, as well as in Florida, Virginia, Washington, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Iowa, more than one quarter of African American men were voteless.
He called on Soviet Ambassador Nikolai Federenko Friday afternoon, November 20, 1964, and after some preliminary discussion, proposed a voteless General Assembly.
Tucker seemed to understand the dangers of a permanent peasant class, and he hoped that the harsh conditions that his plan would create would encourage the propertyless, voteless blacks to leave the Old Dominion.
The special challenge confronting suffragists was that in each and every nonsuffrage state, voteless women somehow had to persuade male voters and male lawmakers to do the right thing and share the vote.
Beyond Majority Rule: Voteless decision making in the Religious Society of Friends.
During the Great Migration (1920-1945), thousands of African-Americans left their positions as sharecroppers and domestics for the opportunity to be free of the "Jim Crow" laws that rendered them voiceless, voteless and poorly educated.