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an official appointed to count the votes (especially in legislative assembly)

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The organization and execution of one or more tests to determine the feasibility of using the ballot printers and vote counters simulations for electronic voting and counting at polling stations using subjects.
Tenders are invited for Organization and performance testing of ballot printer and vote counter simulations
He introduced Sayeed Mohiuddin as AH Counter, Mohd Azeemuddin Zubair as Vote Counter, T.
Your readers can also get the booklet and more information, including an animated video where Victor the Vote Counter demonstrates both voting systems, on our website: www.
Vote counter arithmetic checks in the AV-OS firmware, providing further security to protect against memory card tampering.
He may be able to hold forth for hours on the poisoning of the environment, but he is a clear-eyed vote counter, too.
Working at the polls for more than 35 years and moving up the ranks from vote counter to chief clerk, Joan B.
An insider chat with the magazine's vote counter revealed ``This one was something of a one horse race because Jodi got 38% of the votes, way head of Madeline West in second who got 26%.
Noel's girlfriend Meg Matthews voted earlier in the morning with a friend and gave her polling card to a vote counter wearing a Labour rosette.
Tom DeLay of Texas, the chief Republican vote counter and impeachment advocate, said during an appearance on ``Fox News Sunday.
The Union for the Democratic Forces of Guinea party said in a statement late Sunday that ballot boxes were stuffed by members of the government, soldiers voted by proxy at several voting stations and security forces expelled vote counters at others.
Once the link to the national grid was firmly established, however, the waiting game started before evolving into the wandering game as media and party apparatchiks milled around looking over the shoulders of the vote counters in their blue bibs.
But the results of the local elections were due today and this morning vote counters were set to be busy tallying crosses to determine the winners of seats in dozens of wards.
If voters are the chief victims of closed lists, chief beneficiaries, apart from UKIP, are obviously the vote counters.
Vote counters calculate what percentage of the vote each party has.