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Synonyms for votary

one zealously devoted to a religion

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one bound by vows to a religion or life of worship or service

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a priest or priestess (or consecrated worshipper) in a non-Christian religion or cult

a devoted (almost religiously so) adherent of a cause or person or activity

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But the votaries of the Maypole gave one groan for their idol.
And during it the priestess stood with poised knife above Tarzan, her eyes fixed in horror upon the maniacal thing that was dealing out death and destruction to her votaries.
Straightway, the stage would be set up in front of Mr Brass's house; the single gentleman would establish himself at the first floor window; and the entertainment would proceed, with all its exciting accompaniments of fife and drum and shout, to the excessive consternation of all sober votaries of business in that silent thoroughfare.
Time was when it won not just fans but the most evangelistic votaries.
While Hindutva votaries like VHP are busy aggressively proselytizing and "bringing back Muslims and Christians to their original faith," as they put it, they have been fighting for a ban on conversions by Christian and Muslim groups since an entire Dalit village down south, Meenakshipuram, in 1981 converted to Islam.
Votaries of the quota move said could help the Congress attract important Maratha community (Chavan belongs to this group) and Muslims, who constitute more than 10 per cent of the population.
The Vice President said that we have witnessed in our country lively, at times acrimonious, debates between the votaries of development on one hand, who have being crying hoarse over the paralysis in execution of the much needed developmental projects due to environmental concerns, which they consider secondary in priority, given our developmental needs.
Remembering Edward Said "Said's courage was evident not only when he took on traditional adversaries, notably the votaries of power, but also in his willingness to challenge those from his 'own' side.
Only consider: all forms of fundamentalism are notable for the infantilizing and blinding effect they have on their votaries.
To be sure, they were sometimes resisted by votaries of local deities who correctly perceived in Christianity a potent new rival, but the Romans themselves, with the latitude typical of polytheism, seem to have regarded Christianity as just another oddball sect of the sort that proliferated in such a sprawling and culturally diverse empire.
Hard hitters and loud mouths are generally revered by votaries of the team they play on, but they're also largely reviled by the fans of right about every other team.
Votive offerings and inscribed lead tablets recovered from the baths suggest she was regarded as a life-giving mother goddess and an effective agent against curses invoked by the votaries.
Of course Sachin Tendulkar, we have always been great votaries for him to get the Bharat Ratna," said Benegal.
AS THE Royal Family prepares to gather at Westminster Abbey to celebrate the wedding of William and Kate, there is something that most of the family share with the votaries of other religions.