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Synonyms for vortex

Synonyms for vortex

the shape of something rotating rapidly

a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides)

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Further downstream, as shown in Figure 13, the flow deflections develop into a counter-clockwise vortical structure near the ground.
The shield cause weaker vortical structures in the low pressure wake, resulting in higher base pressure of the bulkhead.
where the electric constant becomes linear density of the vortical tube, and the reciprocal of the magnetic constant is the centrifugal force produced by rotation of the vortical tube element with [m.
The large-scale vortical structures, which are coherent in the spanwise direction, are dominant for Tu = 0.
Honkan, "An experimental study of the dissipative and vortical motion in turbulent boundary layers," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol.
As the TSR increases, the vortical pattern resulting from the CFD simulation can be observed to change significantly.
This fact might be due to the development of spanwise vortical structures that decrease the flow correlation (see, e.
The vortical structures play the part of the droplet and are created by the torque along the plane of propagation.
It is this abstract, vortical shape threading each level together like stretched canvas that draws the eye, creating a kind of curvature, or folding, of form within the pictorial space.
This is not the case for the wind barrier scenario where prevalent vortical structures are small and parallel to the vehicle traveling direction for the entire duration of the gust wind.
In 15 chapters, researchers working in plasmonics and photonics in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia discuss two types of angular momentum-sensitive light-matter interactions enhanced by plasmonics: chirooptical and vortical effects.
The cellular flow has been chosen because it is a model for a vortical flow, in which influence of the magnetic field can be studied.
Upon introduction of vortices, the local growth rate increased by over 7% in vortical downwash regions.
Through the themes of fire, air, and water, the secularized cosmogonies of the pre-Socratics conceived vortical turbulence as genesis and poiesis.