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Synonyms for voracity

the quality or condition of being voracious

Synonyms for voracity

excessive desire to eat

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IRI's core products include: CoSort for sorting, transformation, and reporting; FACT(Fast Extract) for VLDB unloads and reorgs; NextForm for data and database conversion; FieldShield for static and dynamic data masking in databases and files, CellShield for finding and redacting PII in Excel, RowGen for creating realistic test data from scratch, and Voracity, the total data management platform powered by CoSort and multiple Hadoop engines.
21) This is a dramatic, but illustrative example of the increasing voracity of state-owned enterprises, with the PLA Navy and Coast Guard in strong support.
For these socially excluded young men, sexual risk therefore arose from a perceived failure in expertise and performance, from a lack of sexual voracity and from wrong partner choice; rather than from failure to use contraception or condoms.
While I have different theological views than Vines, I am thankful for the voracity with which he tackles this issue.
He was of the view that what Senator Zahid Khan of ANP did for Lower Dir has no precedence in the past and the party would continue to serve its people without any voracity.
and the metaphor, in each instance, is based on the relation of a) a man's fierceness & courage & the lion's; b) the woman's voracity, anger, or whatever, & the act of eating.
Also the phase of the moon seems to heavily influence their voracity asa predator.
And that it's almost immoral to call them into question or to question their voracity.
Thaksin Shinawatra was the prime minister but has since been convicted -- the voracity of the evidence against him is at least questionable -- of corruption.
Subsequent work has also shown how higher deficits can be the outcome of common pool problems, for example, because they give rise to a voracity effect through which positive output shocks result in more than proportionate redistribution (Tornell and Lane 1999; Lane 2003) or wars of attrition (Alesina and Drazen 1991).
We have been expecting this US export increase for a long time, that's been central to our strategy, but even we are completely blown away by the sheer voracity of this," Bugbee says.
Or maybe I was charmed by her enthusiasm, her spirit, her joy, her very greediness and voracity.
The scholarly erudition of this book is unimpeachable, and Allis's literary voracity is expressed through long, indented quotations whose frequency is almost excessive.
And if Liverpool had been relentless in their pursuit of success, Ferguson chased it with even greater voracity.
I applaud Chip's advocacy for what he very passionately believes to be right for credit unions, admire his knowledge and voracity, but this movement's goals are not appropriate for a regulatory agency.