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Synonyms for voracious

Synonyms for voracious

wanting to eat or drink more than one can reasonably consume

desiring or craving food

having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit

Synonyms for voracious

excessively greedy and grasping

Related Words

devouring or craving food in great quantities

References in classic literature ?
They gave me dismal accounts of the extremities they were driven to; how sometimes they were many days without any food at all, the island they were upon being inhabited by a sort of savages that lived more indolent, and for that reason were less supplied with the necessaries of life, than they had reason to believe others were in the same part of the world; and yet they found that these savages were less ravenous and voracious than those who had better supplies of food.
Voracious, <em>Seattle Weekly</em>'s food blog, had recently<a href="http://blogs.
Already this year, in addition to making it to Washington for the spelling competition, David has won the President's Award for Academic Achievement, was nominated for a national math award, won a citizenship honor from his church group and was recognized for his voracious reading -- about 25 books since January alone.
The author devotes chapters to the hippos' unique lifestyle and the effect of their massive size (often as much as 6,000 pounds) and voracious appetites on the environment, which scientists used to see as detrimental and are now recognizing as beneficial.
Local businesses are worried that the noise will cause a decline in tourism, and the frogs' voracious appetite for insects could deplete an important food source for several.
The combination of brisk weather and glacier hikes can stir a voracious appetite, and Argentina is a country of culinary delights.
As THE NEW AMERICAN has reported in the past, there is very strong evidence suggesting that Arafat was a voracious, practicing homosexual and pederast for most of his life.
39-inch stripes with colorful pop circles; through the looking glass, Bruno Peinado, a rising figure on the French scene, created a raucous and voracious exhibition around a huge open book .
His memories were gone, but a voracious appetite and strange visions became the norm.
User and investor sales activity remains voracious as well.
Thanks to a spate of high-profile corporate scandals, C-level executives are the latest, greatest bad guy to enter the crosshairs of a voracious news media and an even more voracious class action industry.
Traveling at 15 miles per hour, the voracious swarm devastated crops and ate each other.
Despite their three-pound weight and two-foot maximum length, these docile-looking members of the weasel family are quite voracious in taking on prairie dogs that often are larger, weigh more and put up a fight.
Foresters in Chicago, New York and other eastern states have been fighting a pitched battle with the Asian long-horned beetle, a voracious black insect imported from China that bores into hardwood trees, especially maple.
His friend and "secretary," Catherine McAuley, notes that he is a voracious reader and still writes something every day.