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Synonyms for volute

ornament consisting of a curve on a plane that winds around a center with an increasing distance from the center

a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops

in the shape of a coil

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Based on the assumption of irrotational fluid flow in the volute [12] we have:
Several iterations with this tool provide the necessary data coordinates to create 3-dimensional (3-D) surfaces files for the impeller and all of the features of the case, including the double suction volute, suction inlet and discharge outlet.
The central zone is characterised by an exclusive motif--a double line of the letter X-with volutes at the extremities.
10 by Ciaran Jones The bill Pumpkin and chilli tortellini with parmesan shavings and pea volute - PS4.
volute shapes) that can be readily overcome by the 3D printing approach.
The Vortex pump technique developed by Wemco is based on the principle of a whirlpool: a vortex is created by the rotating, recessed impeller, extended into the suction line, drawing the liquid solids into the pump and then quickly through the discharge, whilst minimising the fluid / solids contact with the impeller and volute.
machine shops, foundries and contract manufacturers announced today the debut of its springs and wire forms marketplace for national and global companies looking to buy or sell extension springs, industrial, cantilever, compression, torsion spring as well as leaf, coil, specialized volute, helical negator, notional, wave, gas, coiled, constant-force spring and other types at http://www.
Its high-value pumps include end suction volute pumps, process pumps, double suction pumps, vertical multi-stage pumps, axial flow propeller pumps, mixed flow impeller pumps, vertical mixed flow volute casing pumps and boiler circulating pumps.
The compressors have been pre-engineered by: choosing one compressor casing per gas turbine size, one nozzle flange size per casing, defined inlet casing sections and volute sizes, and two directions for nozzles (left- or right hand side).
The pump package consists of 22 axially split volute casing pumps with double-entry radial impellers and of four multi-stage high-pressure pumps.
This impeller virtually eliminates wastewater pump clogging by temporarily increasing the size of the passageway when it encounters large particles in the volute.
The main components of the compressor are suction duct, impeller, vaneless diffuser formed by the front and rear walls of casing and volute casing of circular cross section and delivery duct with a throttle outlet and nozzle at the inlet.
Katsumi and Tetsouo (1999) investigated the form of volute tongue that affects the characteristics of a centrifugal blower.
The company's product range includes a wide range of energy efficient centrifugal pumps for agriculture, domestic, industrial, process and general applications and large vertical pumps and concrete volute pumps for power projects, water supply and lift irrigation schemes, ranging from small domestic pumps of 0.