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Synonyms for voluptuous

Synonyms for voluptuous

characterized by or devoted to pleasure and luxury as a lifestyle

relating to, suggestive of, or appealing to sense gratification

suggesting sexuality

Synonyms for voluptuous

having strong sexual appeal

(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses

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She said that it's a fact, as they're all voluptuous and they all dress up sexy.
I'd choose a voluptuous woman over a skinny woman any day.
Get this season's most attering make-up colour on your eyes and give your lashes clump-free, voluptuous, re ned volume with De ne-a-Lash Volume mascara from Maybelline New York.
Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights is published by HarperCollins at pounds 18.
Why should the fabulously voluptuous Midland ladies be charged more for the pleasure?
SIR Alan Sugar has decided to sell his voluptuous 1956 Bentley S1 Continental.
Busty escort girls from agency Voluptuous Girls will visit Newcastle, charging punters up to pounds 250 a time for the seedy get-togethers.
In the comic book, Roxanne is very voluptuous, blond hair, blue eyes, Caucasian -- and I'm not Caucasian, I'm a terrible blond, and I don't have blue eyes," the Latina actress, Revlon model and former California State University, Northridge, student chuckles.
The Black Dahlia (Universal) Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, and Mia Kirshner bring voluptuous oomph to this noirish tale based on one of Hollywood's legendary murders.
2 AUA AUA (DOROTHY IANNONE) Living in Germany since the late '60s, expatriate Dorothy lannone has created a voluptuous, libertarian, and unashamedly erotic body of work.
Indicate the level of vividness/graphicness, using the following as a general guide: Basic: large breasts Graphic: large, voluptuous, bouncing breasts Very graphic: large, voluptuous, bouncing breasts with hard nipples Extremely graphic: large, voluptuous, bouncing breasts with hard nipples covered with glistening sweat and bite marks Does the book contain any violent content?
We're the wedding place," Eve tells me in the spacious kitchen where guests are served sumptuous breakfasts while watching some thirty species of birds flutter about the voluptuous gardens.
THE VOLUPTUOUS HORROR OF KAREN BLACK, aka Kembra Pfahler, is now reigning once again .
Graham Gibbons picked up a one-day ban (April 9) after the stewards found him guilty of not keeping straight from the stalls on Voluptuous.
Although rammed earth walls are most easily built in long straight lines, they can be curvy and voluptuous, though I have yet to see curves in two dimensions.