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Synonyms for voluptuous

Synonyms for voluptuous

characterized by or devoted to pleasure and luxury as a lifestyle

relating to, suggestive of, or appealing to sense gratification

suggesting sexuality

Synonyms for voluptuous

having strong sexual appeal

(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses

References in classic literature ?
As she looked, her eyes blazed with unholy light, and the face became wreathed with a voluptuous smile.
She still advanced, however, and with a languorous, voluptuous grace, said, "Come to me, Arthur.
She seemed like a nightmare of Lucy as she lay there, the pointed teeth, the blood stained, voluptuous mouth, which made one shudder to see, the whole carnal and unspirited appearance, seeming like a devilish mockery of Lucy's sweet purity.
Beyond all question, this is the most voluptuous scene we have yet looked upon.
She had a genteel refinement which shuddered at the facts of life, she looked upon the bodily functions as indecent, she had all sorts of euphemisms for common objects, she always chose an elaborate word as more becoming than a simple one: the brutality of these men was like a whip on her thin white shoulders, and she shuddered with voluptuous pain.
Her lithe, soft figure had fallen into a posture of graceful, almost voluptuous ease; the ribbons and laces of her muslin dressing gown quivered gently with her deep regular breathing.
He perceives it in the songs of birds--in the harp of Bolos --in the sighing of the night-wind--in the repining voice of the forest-- in the surf that complains to the shore--in the fresh breath of the woods --in the scent of the violet--in the voluptuous perfume of the hyacinth--in the suggestive odour that comes to him at eventide from far distant undiscovered islands, over dim oceans, illimitable and unexplored.
It is a likeness of a young man, in a silken dressing-gown of an old fashion, the soft richness of which is well adapted to the countenance of reverie, with its full, tender lips, and beautiful eyes, that seem to indicate not so much capacity of thought, as gentle and voluptuous emotion.
And Nicki said her voluptuous shape is too important to her to risk with a rigorous training regime.
She said that Latina characters are usually sexy and voluptuous on screen, "but then that's just how Latin women are.
WHEN Beyonce took to the Pyramid Stage last summer at Glastonbury - all hips, voluptuous curves and flamboyant flair - the fashion world took note.
Unlike voluptuous women with curves, skinny women look almost boyish when put in a dress.
GET voluptuous lashes for FREE with our fantastic giveaway.
One , Bodyguard and Agent Vinod require her to look more voluptuous.
looked fabulously voluptuous in a figure-hugging pounds 1000 dress designed by Victoria Beckham.