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Synonyms for voluntarily



  • willingly
  • freely
  • by choice
  • without being asked
  • without prompting
  • lief
  • on your own initiative
  • of your own free will
  • off your own bat
  • of your own accord
  • of your own volition

Synonyms for voluntarily

of one's own free will

Antonyms for voluntarily

out of your own free will

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The court has also sought the details of return of money voluntarily from provinces including federation during the last decade.
This is a minor and isolated, one-off event and, in voluntarily closing the restaurant, we are being very cautious.
PESHAWAR -- Over 150 shopkeepers of Bara Market, properly known as Karkhano Market here Wednesday their encroachments voluntarily, said a press release issued here.
If I resign voluntarily now, this would mean I agree with accusations of Omurbek Tekebaev," Speaker Keldibekov said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 30, 2011-Hadera Paper Ltd board authorises voluntarily NYSE Amex delisting and SEC deregistration(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
women aged 35-44 are voluntarily childless: They have never given birth and do not expect to, and either are fecund or have undergone contraceptive sterilization.
Payments to employees who voluntarily accepted severance pay while waiving all seniority, litigation and future employment rights also have been considered FICA wages by the courts.
Alternatively, the taxpayer could voluntarily pursue one or more of these options.
Queen's University announced that it will return a $1-million (CAD) gift from Radler voluntarily.
Supreme Court has remained steadfast in its position that for a defendant to waive the privilege against self-incrimination, the government must establish that the defendant did so knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily.
IRS Revenue Ruling 2005-4 liberalizes the rule for interest owed on additional taxes voluntarily reported by taxpayers.
The impact of this decision is that private parties who voluntarily clean up a contaminated site without first having been subject to such an order or suit cannot seek contribution for their response costs from other PRPs under CERCLA unless they can persuade the State or Federal government to bring an enforcement action against them.
Despite an AIDS outbreak that temporarily shut down the adult-film industry, filmmakers will not face new health regulations but should voluntarily improve their practices to protect performers from disease, a key Assemblyman said Tuesday.
government is unable to meet its small business prime contracting goals mandated by law, the chances of them subcontracting with small businesses voluntarily are practically slim to none.
CIO found that in the two years since September 11, 2001, supermarket chains, home improvement stores, and others have voluntarily handed over large databases of customer records to federal law enforcement agencies, almost always in violation of their stated privacy policies.