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Synonyms for volte-face

a major change in attitude or principle or point of view

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in Football way short of a commitment to but a volte-face would be extraordinary.
But revealing his dramatic volte-face, Mr McDonnell said: "We will underline our position as an antiausterity party by voting against the charter.
What would have been left of that word after an Iranian volte-face " to follow the Syrian volte-face and ongoing debacle " would have been meager indeed.
But the four-yearold's owner, Sheikh Joaan Al Thani, has undergone a dramatic volte-face, with Treve to continue racing in 2015 with a view to a historic tilt at winning Europe's premier race a third time.
Meanwhile, following the volte-face by the government on a new fuel pricing mechanism, imported fuel costs will likely continue to act as a significant burden on state-owned Petrobras' already weak financial position.
Tyagi said Monday that it is the habit of the BJP to first create communal flare ups through their speeches, and then do a volte-face to get into the public's mind space.
Actualites Eecrit par Anne-Marie Reine Le Pape* A bout de bras il tient ma fille en planeur elle virevolte en volte-face de ses pleurs en volte-face de sa peur.
Ila explique, sur Mosaique fm, que les solutions presentees, samedi, sont des solutions [beaucoup moins que] prefabriquees [beaucoup plus grand que] et de caractere bilateral entre le Quartet et le mouvement Ennahdha qui cherchait des garanties contre une eventuelle volte-face du prochain gouvernement sitot investi de ses pouvoirs.
L'Algerie affirme qu'elle s'est engagee sur une voie de reformes politiques, mais fait ensuite volte-face et menace des syndicats independants qui cherchent a instaurer une justice sociale et de meilleures conditions de travail", a declare Joe Stork, directeur par interim de la division Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord a HRW.
The house was described as "the ideal place for the last theatrical act that was the death of this born actor who, like Voltaire, cultivated the art of permanent revolt and volte-face," by publisher Pierre-Guillaume de Roux, who printed Verges' memoir My Confessions.
Within a couple of years there was a complete volte-face in Whitehall.
Ils avaient rapporte les propos de l'envoye special de Kim a ses interlocuteurs chinois les assurant de l'ambition de Pyongyang de "creer un environnement international pacifique", une apparente volte-face apres des mois d'inflation verbale et militaire.
Those tempted to mimic the peer's volte-face on the European Union, should also pause to consider his concern for the banks whose dominant position in British economic life his policies did so much to promote.
Cairo: Egypt's opposition leader Mohammad Al Baradei on Wednesday called for immediate talks with President Mohammad Mursi to discuss "urgent steps" to stop deadly unrest in the country -- a volte-face in the prominent reformist's stance towards the Islamist president.
And the 21-year-old's words seem to underline the surprising maturity he has shown throughout the competition, a volte-face from moody to magnificent Mario.