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Synonyms for volcano

a fissure in the earth's crust (or in the surface of some other planet) through which molten lava and gases erupt

a mountain formed by volcanic material

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One boffin, Bernard Chouet (above), came up with a mathematical way of determining when a volcano was about to erupt by checking out the patterns drawn by seismographs, which measures the tremors caused by volcanos when they're active.
HORIZON - VOLCANO HELL (BBC2, 9pm) HELL hath no fury like an erupting volcano, and if you live on the slopes of an active one, you know this like nothing else.
Visitors can enjoy Costa Rica's volcanos, but judiciously.
Costa Rica's nine active volcanos vividly remind visitors of the awesome power contained in the earth's thin mantle.
Champion and others point out, however, that many explosive volcanos have churned out magnetite and not titanohematite, so other factors are probably involved.
But for volcanos and a number of other geological and astronomical phenomena that occurred during the last three or four millennia, there exists yet another source of information: the written records left by ancient peoples: Researchers have found a treasure trove of data--like the two passages at left--in the thousands of volumes of poetry, plays, biographies, histories and official documents left by ancient civilizations ranging from the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks to the Japanese and Koreans.
Code-named "Kilauea" after a Hawaiin volcano, the new product makes it easier to port legacy programs to Windows environments and to generate new applications taking advantage of Windows' best features.