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the branch of geology that studies volcanoes

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Volcanologists say the eruption of the volcano that shot ash 5 kilometers (3 miles) high also "annihilated" the mountain's summit.
It was a good beginning for a volcanologist to stress that we can never be the reason for the eruption of a volcano.
Meanwhile, it threw a pile of ash at a height of 5 km, while clouds of fine particles brought darkness in the day in some areas, volcanologists and local authorities said.
A senior volcanologist, in a statement to (https://news.
Volcanologists are counted in the thousands globally, but the group that studies erupting volcanoes is even smaller and could comfortably fit into a large UO lecture hall.
Summary: An erupting volcano on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula has attracted widespread interest from volcanologists who flocking to the area.
It's still not clear what may have caused more magma to rise in the first place, says David Pyle, a volcanologist at the University of Oxford in England.
What's So Hot About Volcanoes provides a fine new book by a volcanologist who provides discussions of volcano science to a wide general interest audience.
Government volcanologist Surono says people have been told to keep away from the craters on the 2,665-meter Mount Papandayan.
30am, Oxfam Stage [bar] Clive Oppenheimer The volcanologist explores geological, historical and archeological records to ask how volcanic eruptions have shaped the course of human history.
A strong earthquake rattled Luzon Island, the main island of the Philiipines, on Sunday, the Philippines' chief volcanologist said.
That's "enough to kill hundreds of people in a fraction of a second," the lead volcanologist, Giuseppe Mastrolorenzo, told National Geographic, and to melt the Pompeiian's silverware.
Indonesia's top volcanologist Surono told Reuters that the intensity of the eruptions was waning, but a 20 km (12 miles) exclusion zone around the summit remained in place.
5km down its southeastern slopes and followed this with ash rain," Heru Suparwoko, a volcanologist, told the AFP news agency.
Presented by Kate Humble, the team consists of extreme vet Steve Leonard, biologist and explorer Richard Wiese, expedition doctor Mukul Agarwal, wilderness medic and survival expert Sue Purvis - together with volcanologist Dr Jerram.