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the branch of geology that studies volcanoes

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It was the neon green socks on national TV that first got our attention, but we'd swear the real reason is the school's petrological and volcanological research that expands into the realms of geochemistry and geobiology.
Masaya, the Mouth of Hell, Nicaragua: Volcanological interpretation of the myths, legends and anecdotes", Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, volume 176, issue 3, October 1, 2008, pp.
On a geological scale, this is a very short period of time,' said Vicente Soler of the Volcanological Station of the Canary Islands, who coordinated the study.
There is no current danger to the inhabitants," said Tedesco Dario, a volcanologist with the Goma Volcanological Observatory.
From a volcanological view, the successful management and response to the lead up to an eruption is thus fundamentally dependent upon:
Global warming melts ice and this can influence magmatic systems," reports Freysteinn Sigmundsson of the Nordic Volcanological Centre at the University of Iceland.
Not only will you find stunning scenery, but also seismographs and the monitoring of all volcanological parameters.
The hypocenters of VT earthquakes for each swarm zone were selected from the database of the Volcanological Observatory of NRV for the period 1985 2002.
European authorities had no choice but to close much of their airspace for multiple days European Volcanological Society President Henry Gaudru said yesterday that European authorities had no choice but to close much of their airspace for multiple days when volcanic ash drifted over the continent from Iceland.
Some specific subjects examined are airborne magnetic surveys and 3D magnetic modeling of active volcanoes in Japan, the use of a statistical multiparameter approach for the joint interpretation of multiple physical property 3D earth models, episodic magma supply eruption style and eruption frequency estimated from long-term geodetic measurements, catastrophic volcanic sector collapses in Japan, mud volcano systems, solidification behavior of natural silicate melts and volcanological implications, and preliminary assessment of volcanic and hydrothermal hazards in Yellowstone National Park and vicinity.
In view of these wartime exigencies, it is remarkable that the chronology and volcanological characteristics of the 1944 eruption are so well known, a circumstance that is almost entirely due to the diligence and devotion of Imbo.
222]Rn periodical measurements have been implemented in several Volcanological and seismological observatories around the world, in order to monitoring volcanic and tectonic activity.
today,'' Antonius Ratdomopurbo, chief of the Volcanological Research and Technological Development Agency, told reporters.
In some cases, new classifications have been elegantly reconciled with existing mineralogical and volcanological parameters (Sillitoe et al.
He will leave March 1 and will spend three months at the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory in Heredia, installing equipment and seismic software for earthquake detection and analysis.