volcanic glass

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a kind of natural glass produced when molten lava cools very rapidly

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The dominant morphology of halloysite that forms from alteration of feldspars and mica is tubular, whereas that formed from volcanic glass has a predominately spheroidal morphology (Adamo et al.
The Raman analyses further revealed that the whitish veins between the brecciated volcanic glass masses consisted of calcite.
Volcanic glass is an unstable substance and is commonly readily corroded by chemical processes and attacked by microbes and bacteria itching, pitting and causing dissolution along microchannels where glass comes in contact with percolating water from the medium of deposition.
Volcanic ash can contain significant quantities of respirable particles of rock, minerals, and volcanic glass, and eruptions also emit hazardous gases such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrochloric acid, and hydrofluoric acid.
This pumice stone is entirely volcanic glass and it composes the pasty part of volcanic rock.
The material culture recovered includes 718 basalt artefacts, 24 volcanic glass artefacts and 755 ceramic sherds.
The only real difference, besides being volcanic in origin, is that the particles consist of fine-grain minerals and volcanic glass instead of the relatively coarse clay, sand, and silt in a dust cloud.
He struck the black volcanic glass with the stone in his right hand, picked up the black fragment and drew it across a piece of cloth he held in his hand.
It's acidic and contains tiny particles of volcanic glass.
Zeolites may occur naturally as authigenic minerals formed from volcanic glass and various rock-forming minerals by interaction with aqueous solution or fluid in many geochemical environments (Breck, 1974; Mumpton, 1977; Gottardi and Galli, 1985; Hay, 1986; Boles, 1988).
But in 2008, an analysis of a handful of lunar volcanic glass beads suggested they might have formed in a wet environment.
KARACHI, June 3 -- A display of volcanic glass lamps imported from Crisbase Lda, Portugal started off at the Zenaini Art Gallery on Wednesday.
Volcanic ash comprises small jagged piece of rock minerals and volcanic glass that was erupted by a volcano [25].
Volcanic Glass: The volcanic glass is commonly devitrified and has brown colour, which generally occurs in groundmass and as fillings in vesicles.