volcanic eruption

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the sudden occurrence of a violent discharge of steam and volcanic material

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Mount Toba in Indonesia is believed to be the most powerful super volcanic eruption in the last two million years.
While it is a common belief that volcanic eruptions has benefits, such as cooling effects and replenishing the topsoil with volcanic minerals that, in the long term, boost soil fertility, Cayetano explained its effects, and what happens immediately after a volcanic eruption.
The spate of activity around the so-called Ring of Fire has raised concerns that a major and potentially deadly volcanic eruption or earthquake could be on the way.
Manila [Philippines], Jan 23 ( ANI ): A massive volcanic eruption took place in the Philippines' most active volcano, Mount Mayon, spewing lava and sending a huge amount of ash and smoke into the sky, late on Monday.
Although the Earth currently is warming due to large-scale greenhouse gas emissions, a large volcanic eruption like Mt.
While Baldini points out that "there are no large Northern Hemisphere ice sheets to amplify the effects of the original eruption," emissions of greenhouse gases and sulfates into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution "have already had an effect on weather patterns," and a large volcanic eruption "could add to this problem in an unexpected way.
Media reported the volcanic eruption had also delayed the deportation of one of India's most-wanted men, Rajendra Nikalje, widely known as Chhota Rajan.
NNA - A small volcanic eruption at a popular Japanese resort not far from Tokyo on Tuesday prompted authorities to further restrict access to the area, warning of the chance of more eruptions, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
But now scientists at MIT and elsewhere have found evidence that a major volcanic eruption began just before the impact, possibly also playing a role in the extinction.
is helping the Korean government assess how a volcanic eruption could impact regional aviation, safety, and commerce,” said Jon Dehn, President and CEO of V-ADAPT Inc.
Tokyo: A new island created by a volcanic eruption off Japan's coast is here to stay -- for now at least, scientists said Tuesday, adding the new landmass could withstand erosion for several years.
YAROSLAVL (CyHAN)- An explosive volcanic eruption began in Russia's Far Eastern Kamchatka Peninsula on Tuesday, the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT) said on Wednesday.
Summary: A volcanic eruption in Indonesia that has sent lava and ash nearly 5,000 ft into the sky has forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes.
He said residents of the region should be informed on how to respond to a volcanic eruption.
AVIATION authorities were right to ground commercial jets for seven days after last year's volcanic eruption in Iceland, a study has found.