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Synonyms for volatilize

to pass off as vapor, especially when heated


Synonyms for volatilize

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The transmission of the silicone increases as those inhibitors volatilize from the cured slab.
Meanwhile, the solvent-water can further volatilize.
Lindane is slightly soluble in water and will volatilize to the atmosphere from soil or water.
The fortunate part of this spill, if there is any fortunate part, is that it is in a warm temperature, so whatever is not ignited will volatilize fairly rapidly.
Fluxes with properly selected materials will volatilize at different stages of the process, keeping the flux active and working for a longer time.
At temperatures exceeding 150[degrees]C, oil-grease lubricants can lose their viscosity, volatilize, or carbonize, which makes them ineffective for lubricating metal parts.
Additionally, they must be processed inside a building at temperatures that are not high enough to volatilize the lead in the glass.
The hydrophobic coating has a strong adhesion to the pigment, will not volatilize, and cannot be washed away.
And whatever the artist's libidinal interest in his subject, the effect of his continuing work on the image is in good part intended to consume that interest and to volatilize that subject.
Plus, we try to provide growers with products that won't leach or volatilize, and have a reduced risk to humans, non-target organisms and the environment.
Vapor intrusion occurs when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil or contaminated groundwater volatilize, or emit vapors, and migrate through subsurface soil and into air spaces of overlying buildings.
Phytoremediation works on the principle that plants naturally take up trace elements and other substances from soil and water and either store, accumulate, metabolize or volatilize them into the atmosphere.
Since there will be entrapped gas bubbles in the uncured epoxy the mount should be carefully vacuum degassed, making sure not to volatilize the hardener in the process.
The high pressure and temperature volatilize or burn off most of the pollutants, even those in the exhaust gases," reducing the potential for acid rain and other pollution related problems.
Divisions actively and perpetually volatilize all social relations.