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Synonyms for volatilize

to pass off as vapor, especially when heated


Synonyms for volatilize

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The transmission of the silicone increases as those inhibitors volatilize from the cured slab.
Additionally, they must be processed inside a building at temperatures that are not high enough to volatilize the lead in the glass.
The hydrophobic coating has a strong adhesion to the pigment, will not volatilize, and cannot be washed away.
And whatever the artist's libidinal interest in his subject, the effect of his continuing work on the image is in good part intended to consume that interest and to volatilize that subject.
Plus, we try to provide growers with products that won't leach or volatilize, and have a reduced risk to humans, non-target organisms and the environment.
Since there will be entrapped gas bubbles in the uncured epoxy the mount should be carefully vacuum degassed, making sure not to volatilize the hardener in the process.
The high pressure and temperature volatilize or burn off most of the pollutants, even those in the exhaust gases," reducing the potential for acid rain and other pollution related problems.
Well, we decided to volatilize it right out of the cottage, so we turned all the radiators on high, opened all the doors and windows, and started up a couple of fans.
It is predicted that China scrap price will volatilize slightly in September.
RWIs can also be caused by chemicals in the water or those that volatilize from the water and cause indoor air quality problems.
The solvent doesn't have enough time to fully volatilize in such a small distance, which leads to fiber entanglement.
A flux designed for Pb-free processing can volatilize and vent until 217 [degrees] C when used with SAC alloy, but its outgassing paths will close off at 183 [degrees] C if used with SnPb solders.
According to the results in Table 3, Ba, Cr, Sr and Ti do not volatilize, or their volatility at oil shale retorting is low.
This will allow chlorine, which is found in all of our water and burns African violet foliage, to volatilize harmlessly into the air.
Turpentine compounds volatilize from the wood chips at cooking temperature, 165-180[degrees]C.