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someone who regulates the tone of organ pipes

a speaker who voices an opinion

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Voicer leverages frings powerful features, enabling users to connect via voice, video and text, both over Maxs 4G LTE networks and over other available connections including 3G and Wi-Fi.
Channel 4 entertainment guru Andrew Newman tell us that the animals were carefully chosen to bear a passing resemblance to their celebrity voicer - which we're sure they won't find offensive in any way (the stars, that is, not the animals).
Other guests include "Mulan" voicer Ming Na Wen, on the Golden Maile jury (which rewards pics limping Pacific Rim themes) and a panel discussing Asian-American images in cinema.
To register an opinion with a cadre may mean going on record and places the voicer in a potentially vulnerable situation.
In addition, the irate and the voicer segments have not been identified in prior studies.
Santiso (2003) writes, "One basic rule of the confidence game [in international financial markets] is then to be very careful when nominating the official government voicer.
He studied his craft in Leipzig where he was an apprentice organ builder and voicer, or tuner
Voicers actively engage in complain process and show less interest in seeking support from third parties and avoid negative word-of-mouth.
5) Thus, under ordinary circumstances, the opposing ethnic, sectarian, civic or political groups, if any, are not the de facto alternative for the ruling families but are spontaneous voicers of urgent socio-economic demands on sharing economic surplus.