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an inner voice that judges your behavior

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John Arlott was irreplaceable, a force of nature who became as much a voice of conscience as a unique broadcaster.
Widely seen as the most influential figure in post-war cricket, and revered as a voice of conscience in a sport often riven by politics and self-interest, Benaud's loss was a "sad day for Australia", Abbott said.
Following the voice of conscience is acting that is free, self-determining, and normatively constrained.
The voice of conscience which speaks to us is God's.
It pays due homage to a tremendous voice of conscience contemplating diplomacy and creativity.
It has been determined by all the little choices of years past--by all those times when the voice of conscience was at war with the voice of temptation--whispering the lie that it really doesn't matter.
I am still more a theorist than an activist, but I try to respond to the voice of conscience telling me that true compassion must be expressed in socially transformative action.
This genealogy demonstrates a radical continuity, he argues--not the radical ruptures that have been suggested by intellectual historians and philosophers since the 1960s--in which the assumption that people should rely on the inner voice of conscience instead of external authorities, laws, and regulations has been standard in Western thought about political ethics despite historical change and political disputes.
Sinatra plays Francis Maloney, the drunken and cynical corpsman who serves as a voice of conscience.
His was a voice of conscience, a Canadian voice, a hero's voice.
A Rehman - HRCP Human Rights Advocate A Voice of Conscience, Dr Nasira Iqbal - Rtd, Judge/Rights Activist & Teacher, Dr Bernadette Dean - Educators, Begum Zakiah Shah Nawaz - Special Advisor Chief Minister Punjab Social Sector, Dr Nayyar - Educator / Ex.
Summary: IT'S BEEN an incredible journey: 35 years of chronicling history, being the bearer of good and bad tidings, being the voice of conscience, acting as arbiter, and so much more.
He was considered a giant of the Senate, and was widely hailed as one of the greatest figures of modern Congressional politics, a hero on the battlefield, and a voice of conscience in the halls of government.
We see Kono's comment on the "comfort women" issue as a rare voice of conscience from Japan's intellectuals, given that the country's far-right politicians argued recently that the so-called Kono statement be revised or retracted.
A decade later, reformer Dorothea Dix, in her memorial report to the state Legislature, became the voice of conscience, with the unforgettable words calling attention to the state of the mentally ill, confined ".