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  • verb

Synonyms for vociferate

to speak or say very loudly or with a shout

Synonyms for vociferate

utter in a very loud voice

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They vociferated to be the 'cross-communal' party but the eight non-Muslim seats won on the Unionist tag repudiated this assertion projected by the government agencies and today's scholars.
These incidents however, small should not go unpunished and it calls for the Government to immediately ensure that political parties even those in Government realize that they cannot threaten and win votes or political support and this needs to be strongly vociferated to these politicians.
Alarmed republicans vociferated about compagnies de Jesus and compagnies de Soleil, supposed paramilitary death squads organized and funded by emigres whose strings were pulled from beyond the frontier.
Henry at the name of George III, and the presence of mind with which he closed the sentence and baffled the charge vociferated.
El horror de la pesadilla: Buenos Aires in 1942, where the world war was echoing mightily, as under right-wing president Ramon Castillo the tide had turned in favor of the ultra-nationalists, who in street demonstrations vociferated against the Allies and the Jews, and in favor of Hitler.
To others like Rousseau, however, women's involvement in public life was society's downfall; he vociferated against the feminizing effect of salon society that turned men of letters into femmelettes or little women.
The last sentence in Duby's study of medieval marriage, Le Chevalier, la femme et le pretre, reads like a surprising acknowledgment: "We should not forget, however, among all these men who vociferated, proclaimed what they had done or what they were dreaming of doing, women.