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the case (in some inflected languages) used when the referent of the noun is being addressed


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However, in the poem Mickiewicz continues with the vocative case of addressing this homeland or native land or homeland (with a feminine ending).
Khattak (1988) also believes that Pashto has direct, oblique and vocative cases.
Now, although all translations assume that the word "beni [my son]" is in the vocative case, referring to Judah, there is no reason to rule out teref beni as being in a construct relationship.
In the last line, "The Son of Ecstasy" may be regarded either as an apposition to "a Purple Tar" or to "A Sloop of Amber" or as the vocative case in either, in which case the poet is speaking to or invoking "a Purple Tar" or "A Sloop of Amber" in an exalted mood.
The examples cited in (10a,b, c) show that /-o/ can substitute /-e/ only in the context of low open back vowel /aa/ immediately preceding it but when high, close, front vowel /i/ or high close back vowel /u/ precedes the vocative case ending, /-o/ can't substitute it.
Instead of using the vocative case of her husband's first name, "Wiktorze", Mrs.
The writer evidently neither knew nor cared that the vocative case was in regular daily use throughout Greece, not to mention Cyprus, Sydney, and Camden Town.